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You've been able to run Android as a VM on a PC / laptop for "Donkey's years - and for non touch screens you can use the mouse.

There are even "ready built" Virtual appliances (in plain English - a ready to run pre-built Virtual Machine) for VMware and Virtual Box.

For starters play around with this (VMware player is free) - there's other stuff all over the web --google will bring up loads of links.

Installing Android x86 4.0 in Vmware Player

Now if you want to run it natively just do a V2P (Virtual to physical) conversion by one of the various utilities out there.

As a Linux based Os it shouldn't be hard to do it from scratch anyway -- I'm sure you can get the source code and then simply compile and build the system.

Why you'd want to run Android on your laptop I'm not sure --that's what a PHONE is for -- however I'm sure you can develop apps quite readily using the Android VM.

There must be some proper Android development platforms around --those 100,000's apps in the google play store just didn't appear by magic.

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