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MS alum: Surface is doomed, Win8 is an "assault weapon"

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    MS alum: Surface is doomed, Win8 is an "assault weapon"

    Windows 8 is just what Microsoft needs to take advantage of the ongoing irreversible shift from PCs to handheld devices according to the company's former OEM chief Joachim Kempin. But Microsoft should get out of the hardware business and ignore distractions like its retail stores.

    Read more at source:
    Microsoft alum: Surface is doomed, but Windows 8 is an "assault weapon" | CITEworld
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    Just another grown-up who can't figure out what a kindergartener can. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Just another grown-up who can't figure out what a kindergartener can. . .
    What are you referring to?
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    Lee, I think you missed the point of the article. It's not "Windows 8 is bad" - it's more that the Surface is a mistake on the part of MS. The author actually sees a lot of potential in Windows 8 and indicates that its cross-platform consistency is quite an achievement.
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    I understood completely. It is just another article saying that MS is just plain stupid for the Surface RT and getting into the hardware business is the wrong direction to be going.

    I really don't care what direction they go, but staying just in the OS and software business is something MS feels just isn't going to cut it anymore.
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    'Irreversible shift'? I don't think so. Their number will decrease, yes. But disappear? No.
    There are many of us for whom 'traditional' computing is the whole point of the exercise.
    We're creators, not consumers.
    We're going no-where. There will be less of us, but taht's all And if MS doesn't want to come to the party, that'll be
    just too bad. There are alternatives.
    I'm not the slightest bit interested in the way computing currently seems to be headed. I don't 'consume', don't need
    'mobility' or 'clouds', don't do the 'social networking' dance, and I can't stand having stuff 'pushed' at me online. I 'pull'
    what I want, nothing else.
    The 'new paradigm' may suit some.
    But I'm not one of them.
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    The shortsightedness of some people is quite astounding. I'm not referring to anyone in particular on this forum, but reading the comments on that article you would think that Microsoft had released DOS 8.1 (or something equally archaic). People don't seem to get that Windows 8 is the first step along the road to touch and gesture-based computing. You can do it on your do it on your phone, on your games console and on your TV already for goodness sake.

    Why is the PC last to the game? Because Microsoft practically dictates the direction of the PC. So here's a device (Surface Pro) that marries the best of a PC with the best of a tablet, with an OS designed for the best of both worlds. Follow that OEMs! Let's see what YOU can do!

    In the meantime, Microsoft will focus on what they do best and continue to incrementally improve Windows 8 (Blue for free in 6 months?) just like they did with 95 (OSR2 anyone?) and XP (SP2).
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    Hi there
    was "The Penny Farthing" bicycle a mistake. - Somebody has to start and I'm sure in 3 or 4 years time who knows what devices will be available and what we'll do with them.

    Yes of course Ms wasn't a hardware company -- that's what CONSULTANT'S ETC are for --to advise / steer these companies into new markets and products and provide expertise and methodology to do it. The first designs are often innovative and aren't necessarily the most successful or profitable but they pave a way for much more successful products.

    Now if I could attach an external keyboard and a large monitor to my mobile phone I doubt whether I would need to use a PC more than about once a week !! since it can do nearly everything I'd need to do on a PC and the processing power is just fine too. - Internal storage at a Max of 64 GB might be a bit of a problem but if I can connect with a network printer and network storage --that's fine.

    The W8 OS is absolutely 100% correct for mobile devices, although the stupid metro apps won't stay I'm sure in their present form --these have to be made more "user friendly" and the idea of a single task running in full screen mode is not a method of working for a huge amount of people.

    Pure tablet only type devices such as the Ipad can be considered as Old fashioned and will only remain as a real basic "Entry level" product.

    A future phone might even have a small "Projection" type "Virtual screen" which would enable you to use it as a "Computer" say in a café / train etc -- you project the screen on to a classical "Paper" tablet or any flat surface. - Power is often provided in trains so the availability of sufficient power would not be an issue.

    Watching movies by the phone would also be fine via using say some type of Virtual Reality glasses or helmet -- you could get real cinema size projections here.

    W8 probably will sound the death knell to "Classical computing" as we know it -- although it will still soldier on for a decade or so --much like COBOL on a mainframe computer which isn't quite dead yet.

    I think actually the Surface Pro has a lot going for it - especially when people start discounting it so you can buy it at a lot cheaper than the List price. - Ms in any case makes royalties from Windows / Office / other applications so making a bundle on the hardware isn't a pre-requisite in this first iteration of a computing device designed for 21st century.

    The race is now between Ms and Android in software. -- we can really dismiss "The Fruit Company" now --they could have wiped the floor with say an Ipad which could also have been used as a "classical computer" but they took their eye off the ball and IMO are now fatally wounded. They will survive as a maker of expensive niche products only.

    For Hardware - depends what and who Ms are using for their hardware but Samsung seems to be in a no lose situation here - with Nokia finally catching up on the rails with (at last) great W8 phones and nice looking handsets.

    I'd love to see a Samsung Galaxy being "Hacked" to run W8 --- anybody out there whose done this --please post details.
    BUT IF Ms can get together with Samsung for Samsung to make a W8 phone too -- Bingo. Interesting times these.

    Anyway enc screenshot of a "Penny Farthing" bicycle -- people said cycling would never take off -- how wrong they were - although it did take some new adaptations to the frame and introduction of Gears and inflatable tyres. Same will happen with computing devices.

    (The reason for the Huge front wheel was in England's Q Victoria time and for a bit later (1837-1901) women wore those HUGE dresses with metal frames on them which were about the size of a modern "Marquee" so you needed a huge wheel to keep the dress from touching the ground - even if you did need a ladder to mount the bike !!).

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    When you say you would like Windows 8 on a Samsung do you mean Windows PHONE 8? Because Samsung have done that already with their "Ativ" devices. The Ativ S has a similar spec to the (US) Galaxy S3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruudfood View Post
    In the meantime, Microsoft will focus on what they do best and continue to incrementally improve Windows 8 (Blue for free in 6 months?) .
    Yes, let's hope so.

    just like they did with 95 (OSR2 anyone?) and XP (SP2).
    Nope. No OSR2 here (maybe way back yes). probably was a good update.

    I consider XP SP3 to be a legend, don't know much about SP2.... there seem to be some scy-fi stories that SP3 is a mess but I don't agree with those fairy tales as I'm a happy SP3 user.

    I'm not worried about the direction the pc goes, as long as choice remains an option an we're not forced to be online for all stuff we use. That's the story.
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MS alum: Surface is doomed, Win8 is an "assault weapon"
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