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    Quote Originally Posted by BriceH View Post
    If anyone has been able to find footage of Windows 8 running on a laptop or desktop (any machine that uses a mouse instead of touch input), could you please post it here?

    You can fast-forward to 15:00

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    Interesting analysis I thought:

    "Microsoft has given us a first taste of Windows 8. Unfortunately, while it has some attractive visual elements, Microsoft’s approach shows that the company hasn’t learned much from its product failures over the past decade."

    First take on Windows 8: Two things wrong and one thing right | TechRepublic
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    We actually still have normal start menu, taskbar, desktop...
    There is a mention that it is a possibility to switch to "desktop mode" ?
    That makes me feel better. The neu GUI is nice but I'm a desktop guy.
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    Windows 8 is a great opportunity for Microsoft to do things right. I just took and old project and pivoted to make easy to develop Windows 8 applications. Check it out at metro dynamis - Start developing Windows 8 Applications Right Now

    Is very very alpha but I think I'll have something by the week end
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    man, here is what I think about the new Windows 8...

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    I saw this:

    and thought to myself: the new UI seems more like a replacement for the Windows Sidebar rather than a whole new interface. Even though it's new, it doesn't really strike me as something completely different, or having more/new features. It's just... there!

    Though I am absolutely certain that the start menu can be reverted to the classic one, or someone would be able to make a tweak for it soon enough after we get a beta, and even when it goes RTM. There is, however, reason to upgrade to Win8 still, as we've already seen the many new features and improvements over 7 (if all those rumors are true and end up built into the RTM).

    I keep seeing people's posts being mostly skeptical about the new UI, except the ultimate MS fans, but in the end, I'm sure we'll all get used to it, and even configure it to fit our needs. If not, well, we'll still have more new stuff to explore
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    Well said, have to agree with you.

    Change is good, there is a lot more to Windows 8 than the new tablet GUI.
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    this is disappointing and nice at the same time. Disappointing because the touch side of the OS isn't all that nice to look at although it is somewhat innovative. But to be honest it looks uglier than the phone or even some drafts of Windows Phone 7.

    The desktop side is worse, to be honest the start menu/taskbar need some new functionality. At this point the desktop side has and looks to still be stuck in 1995. Aero is not that great. I'm hoping for a more metro-user interface. I hate the glass look and the ribbon user-interface. Although I guess having option to change is fine. I just hope the user-interface is not stuck in ribbon mode. It's even worse than the old 1995 user-interface look.
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    3rd Rock
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    However, for those of us that have touch devices, it sounds really good.
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    What's this I am reading Windows 8 will be x128. Looks like 4GB RAM might not be enough.:crazy:

    The Guts: 128-Bits of Power

    Good for us, bad for Microsoft: Robert Morgan, a Microsoft employee, shared a small but interesting detail about Windows 8's architecture: it'll be 128 bits. Morgan wrote: "128-bit architecture compatibility with the Windows 8 kernel and Windows 9 project plan." Windows 7 was available as 32 bits or 64 bits, the latter of which requires more RAM and are theoretically more powerful than 32-bit equivalents. A 128-bit version of Windows 8 would represent the next leap in performance.
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Previewing ‘Windows 8’
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