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    Quote Originally Posted by BriceH View Post
    I sure hope that every Windows 8 application will be able to run in the Windows 7-style UI. If not, I envision a lot of power users being drawn to Linux. What does everyone else think?

    Fast-forward to 3:00

    There is a mention that it is a possibility to switch to "desktop mode?"

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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    The new desktop GUI will surface soon.

    That looks good for a tablet, might get use to it, will have to try it out.
    At least we have an option to use the desktop, if not that would likely be a deal breaker for many.
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    We actually still have normal start menu, taskbar, desktop...

    Click image for larger version

    EDIT: From all things Digital blog:
    Exclusive: Making Sense of Our First Look at Windows 8 – AllThingsD

    Windows 8 essentially supports two kinds of applications. One is the classic Windows application, which runs in a desktop very similar to the Windows 7 desktop.

    The other type of application, which has to be written in HTML5 and Javascript, looks more like a mobile application, filling the full screen. Internet Explorer 10, which is part of Windows 8, has already been configured to run in this mode, as have several widget-like apps for checking stock prices and weather.
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    Thanks for the encouraging word! I missed that part, somehow!
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    Norwich, UK
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartEyeball View Post

    This big push for touch orientated GUIs is fine if you are using a touch capable device, but so far it's not so great for desktops.
    That is what worries me. They seem to be pushing the whole ARM/Touch/Tablet thing, I just hope that they don't "forget" us Desktop users.

    Also do not like the "classic Windows 7" Desktop UI. Full transparency is not good.
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    I kind of like the Start Menu because even with a lot of Windows open, I can still look for something else I need. The "tiles" on the phones always struck me as being a throwback to Windows 3.1...
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    I take it everyone has seen this:

    YouTube - ‪Building "Windows 8" - Video #1‬‏

    There seems a definite emphasis on the touch ui and the whole thing looks to be aimed at mobile devices. At one point there is a familiar looking gui and his fingers look a bit clumsy using it.
    At this point I'm distinctly unimpressed with the tile launch page. I like a nice wallpaper and then on to speed dial on my browser of choice (currently Nightly and Chrome). I imagine I will be happy with it eventually though

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartEyeball View Post

    The word reimagining scares me. Not a lot of good has come from this word...

    After trying out Unity and Gnome 3, I'm a little wary myself.

    This big push for touch orientated GUIs is fine if you are using a touch capable device, but so far it's not so great for desktops.
    Agreed. I found Unity unusable as yet.
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    A touch GUI is fine, if not necessary, for mobile devices, etc.

    But I am a bit leery that 3rd party apps developer emphasis will be on the flash of the touch GUI to the deteriment of the "traditional" mouse/keyboard GUI. Ever try to do photo touchup with a touchscreen? Hmmm.....

    Also for desktop ergonomics, try a little exercise...... reach up and touch the screen once every 3 seconds for a few minutes. Users may switch from being concerned about carpal tunnel to suffering from monitor elbow......
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    If anyone has been able to find footage of Windows 8 running on a laptop or desktop (any machine that uses a mouse instead of touch input), could you please post it here?
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    If you are doing a touch UI for mobil device such as smart phones, tablets, etc... I'm OK with it. But for a desktop, beside those all-in-one PCs, I haven't seen any retail monitors being touch screens. The only touch screens I've seen are on newegg and those are 15" CRT more oriented to business. Really, touch IS NOT for desktop. If Microsoft makes that move, I'm sorry to say but, it'll be a failure and people will actually stay on Windows 7.

    I can't say it enough : keyboard+mouse >>>> touch
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Previewing ‘Windows 8’
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