Hi there
until we actually get a chance to put our mits on one of these devices it's a bit difficult to say what the "real look 'n feel" experience is.

Currently the nearest Ultrabook that does all the things I need to do with 8GB RAM and an SSD would set me back about 800 USD or so.

My max price point is around that mark for an equivalent device. Any more it would have to have some absolutely STUNNING features over and above an Ultrabook.

We also have to remember that very often the "List Price" is just that -- depending on the control Ms has over these - it may be possible to get one at a quite large discounted price.

Another possibility would be for Ms to sell these at a slight loss and make it up on "Apps" and other chargeable functions. This is what is happening in the e-reader market --the devices cost almost nothing now -- the money is made up on people buying more e-books.