Itâ??s not everyday that a top Microsoft executive answers a question related to Windows 8, but Achim Berg, Deutschland-Chef von Microsoft (CEO of Microsoft Germany), is the exception that confirms the rule. Asked about the successor of Windows 7, Berg says that Microsoft is not sleeping. While this answer is nothing more than a confirmation of the fact that Windows 8 is in the works, in planning stage as far as the company has suggested, it is also as evasive as possible. What Berg is actually saying is that Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows despite its silence.

Twitter Interview: Microsoft CEO in 140 characters from 28/10/2009

Achim Berg said via Twitter interview about Windows 7, Office and cloud computing, but also to growing Googleâ??s competitors.

Achim Berg, CEO of Microsoft Germany, gave an interview with information about the new direction of the group.Special feature: The interview took place live on Twitter. Through the town, the rules of the conversation had already been given: For questions and also answer a maximum of 140 characters were available. So no place for long and evasive statements.
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