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Windows 8 uncertainty blamed for decline in PC sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I haven't forgotten. But I simply cannot ignore the fact that tablets and portable devices are selling like crazy, while pc's/laptops are in a serious slump. People have clearly demonstrated that they are willing to give up lots of stuff for portability and popularity. On screen keyboards, no ability to print, lack of card readers, no USB ports, low end gaming performance....and the list goes on and on and on. Yep, iPad's had the best Christmas sales of all time.
    Just maybe the PC/Laptop market has hit maturity and that's it. Is there any point in myself upgrading my i5 to an i7 - nope in a word. But that's me and each person has different requirements. Those buying tablets maybe/probably only needed to check their emails, bit of web surfing plus some social networking thrown in for good measure. What I am seeing though are several non touch screen laptops being advertised with Win8 pre-installed. Sure we all know you can download a third party app to get the start screen back but most folks simply aren't aware of that.

    I ran Vista on my laptop and got the thing up to a fairly decent speed after stripping out most of the dross. By that time though the ***t had hit the fan and whatever MS did was largely an irrelevance. Folks avoided it like the plague and most were eager to downgrade to XP.

    The media are very quick to jump on the negative bandwagon over Win8 but in fairness it's all about first impressions. They (the media) usually haven't got the time or inclination to play around with programs. They're too busy chasing deadlines whether it's for web or print publishing.

    Personally Win8 is not for me as there are no benefits over what I already have. But for others then I'm sure it will meet their daily requirements. As has been discussed extensively in this forum over and over, MS could have avoided all of this (controversy) if only they had offered the option of Classic or Metro UI at install time but hey, who knows what they are thinking. One thing I am convinced of though is that it would not have been beyond the scope of MS to have gone down the option road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    I can see a tablet being a non-essential, but useful option for me, but it will never replace a 'proper' system in my case. Social-networking is not my thing, and I am not a 'content-consumer'. I not only need and want, but insist upon a powerful, fast machine with lots of storage space and a decent-sized 1080p screen. Mobile 'consumer' computing, facebook and Twitter is not, and never will be my idea of what real computing is all about. I'm one of those who will never relinquish the 'desktop/powerful laptop' paradigm. 'Real' computers won't go away, but sales will drop (then stabilise) as the great unwashed continue to realise that they never needed a PC in the first place to do what they do. An interactive TV would suit them better (or a phone/tablet). Doesn't do it for me though, I'm afraid.
    Like a lot of people, you still view the Windows 8 Pro Tablets as a toy, something that is only good for Social and Content Consuming.
    Like a lot of people, you fail to see that Windows 8 Pro Tablets are not iPad's or Android based tablets, yes, WinRT is.
    Like a lot of people, you can not see what Win8 Pro Tablets are going to actually do to the market once in full swing.
    Like a lot of people, You can not fathom the idea that they will/do have i5 and soon if not already i7 processors with 4G+ RAM

    Along with everything else that comes with them, for a lot of people, especially those that don't do heavy gaming, Win8 Pro Tablets will be as powerful as the desktops they own now, and will soon replace them.

    NOTE: and I ask you all this......... For those people that do, why would they waste their money on an iPad or Android tablet that is extremely limited in their functionality, when they can spend a little bit more and be able to take all of their software and entire desktop with them wherever they go, just as easily as taking one of those other very limited in usability devices?

    My apologies, Tepid, for the long delay in replying. I've had some over-heating issues that I had to address (this Aussie heat-wave isn't kind to computers, and this thing has been hitting shut-down temps regularly lately. Fixed now, amazing the uses one can find for a bicycle-pump!).

    Let me address your points:

    1/ Not the Pro, I was referring to the RT. Perhaps I should have been clearer on this. My bad.

    2/ No, I'm well aware of that. See above. BTW, I have had a bit of a play around with a Surface RT, and they're fine, for what they are.

    3/ I wasn't talking about the market, I was referring to my personal needs/tastes. Others' needs etc will, of course, be different.

    4/ Well aware of that, too. Actually, if I did not already have a very powerful laptop (i7 Sandy Bridge), the Surface Pro (not the RT) would probably be on my shopping-list. A Surface Pro with an i7, 8-16 GB RAM, a big HDD and at least a 16" screen would be great, IF I needed one. I don't, at this time, of course that could change.

    Computer users/hobbyists/enthusiasts can't be put into the same box, everyone's needs, tastes and preferences will always be different. Not necessarily wrong or right, but different. A Surface Pro would be an addition to my current machines, not a replacement. My 'mobile' computing needs are limited, I can do most of it (email etc) on the phone. As stated, I don't do the Facebook/Twitter dance. Others may need more horsepower in a mobile computer than a phone can provide..

    Please don't construe this as an attack, or as 'dissing' your points, it isn't. But for me, at this time, I don't need one, and cannot justify the cost (again, at this time). I have been computing for nearly 30 years, and apart from this i7 I have a Core2 Duo laptop, an ancient but unbreakable Pentium IV and a reasonably well-specced smartphone (no, not an iPhone), as well as several 'non-PC' computers, so I'm no novice or Luddite. Oh, I do game a bit, as well.

    Anyway, Tepid, thanks for your input and for the points you made. Definitely 'food for thought'. Maybe we won't see eye-to-eye on this, but hey! That's life.

    Have a great day :-)


    I don't take anything personally, I may come off a bit strong some times, but it's not always without merit

    The moral of my posts are that many people like to generalize, and lump everything into one box.
    This is a misnomer, and creates confusion and misinformation.

    Everyone has opinions, and they are all fine, but too many people seem to blanket statement things in a way (and I am probably guilty as well) that comes off like this whole new era, and that is what it is, a new era of computing, is bogus for all people.

    I think that people don't look at the bigger picture, they look at the walls that surround them and don't step outside to see that what is trying to be done here is a good thing. Right, wrong or indifferent, the way things are implemented could have absolutley been done way better, but, putting that aside, people refuse to take into account that this is a new era, and things will change, and a Surface Pro or similar Tablet, is in everyones best interest in the long run, otherwise, we stay stagnant and never move beyond the stationary system, which in really all honesty, on the grand scheme of things and technological progress is so far out dated by this time it's not funny.

    Several years ago, there was a comercial, don't remember the brand or who it was for, but you see some guy walking around a court yard and talking, then they zoom in and you can see he has a device over his eye and seeing documents and other things during a meeting or presentation. We should be far closer to that than we are today with how fast technology expanded and exploded over the last 20 years. Yet, we are stuck in these stationary systems with little ability to really take everything with us on the go in a very conformed and easy way. We have Laptops, but they are cumbersome and you need a place to set them, it can't really walk and work at the same time, or just ist a bus stop, or bench and start working. We are about to break out of that stagnant mold.

    Win8 Pro Tablets are the future. We should be embracing them, not trashing them and promoting the idea that the other guys have a better system when they factually do not.

    WinRT is not horrible and will get better, but that is not the real future of computing,, in my estimation, WinRT will be only a minor blip and will most likly not be as popular, but I also think that those people that are only looking for content and social consuming would be better off with a WinRT than a nook or kindle as you can do both and so much more. However, WinRT is the direct competition to the iPad and Android Tablets, they (WinRT) still in my opinion have better options hardware and port wise than either of those.

    We should be taking a step back and looking at it for what it is, not what we would do with them personally.
    We should be far more objective in the use and productivity aspects, the potential for what they are for future use than the most of us are now.

    We should not be trashing them, we should be objectively positive, discuss what can be better, but not going off the deep end claiming complete un-usability which there are a whole ton of people that are doing that, and they are flat wrong.

    Is Win8 perfect, no, but it's a far leap ahead of the competition, and many fail to realize or even come close to attempting to point that out at any step.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mart4494 View Post
    Just maybe the PC/Laptop market has hit maturity and that's it. Is there any point in myself upgrading my i5 to an i7 - nope in a word. But that's me and each person has different requirements.
    I hear you there. I won't even upgrade from my Q9550 to a new Corei5/i7 because I just don't need an upgrade. My PC is 3.5 years old.
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    All is good, Tepid, and thanks for your response.

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    Doesn't sound like Windows 8 has anything to do with it? Haha.
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    Is there a way to make the windows 8 interface to look like the regular standard interface we have all been used to for many years as in windows 7 ?
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    Sure there is gbp007, we use different ones, for me I use the FREE "Classic Shell" There are others out there as well, Stardock has their own version of the old desktop (start button).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp007 View Post
    Is there a way to make the windows 8 interface to look like the regular standard interface we have all been used to for many years as in windows 7 ?
    Not entirely. Even if you install a third-party start menu, MetroTabletUI will keep popping up here and there. I'd recommed startIsBack myself:

    Help! I’ve got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu! | Ars Technica
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    Give it a couple more months and you should start seeing the Skinning Community putting out some new looks for win 8. It usually takes a few months for them to get all the bugs out of their skins. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    I'm not quite sure what makes 'touch' such a great deal in laptops and desktops, especially desktops. Touch is fine for simple activities, but try and do anything much more complex than typing a simple paragraph, for example (emphasis for the usual culprits), and the entire concept falls apart (unless you are into txt speak for example).
    So who says that just because a laptop or desktop has a touch screen that you ONLY have to use touch? When you went from DOS to Windows did you abandon the keyboard and only use the mouse?
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Windows 8 uncertainty blamed for decline in PC sales
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