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Windows 8 uncertainty blamed for decline in PC sales

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    That's right,,, 4 Months, only 4. Not years, not 1 year, not 4 years, 4 Months.
    Let's see anyone here do anything better in 4 Months. Ha, right. Wow, 4 Months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Teerex View Post
    Office 2013 should've been reimagined™ for touch from the get go. On the desktop, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook should've been at least ergonomically touchable. They are disastrous on Surface Pro.
    Now it's too late, and it's a classic example of Microsoft divisions going each in its own direction.
    Using Internet Explorer, you can go to Bing Weather, and others along with third party sites to see third party ads. Some concept. Complaining about adds within free apps that come preinstalled on an operating system that you bought is the very same as complaining about ads on websites that you browse in your free web browser built into the operating system you bought.

    And hate to break it to you, Office 2013 was rebuilt for touch... 1
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    Attachment 16723
    Also, Office 2013 doesn't come preinstalled on the Surface Pro, it's on RT.

    If you'd read what you quoted, you would have found out that I was writing about Surface Pro, and I mentioned Outlook (the application) which is not available on Surface RT at all. That touch rebuild of Office should be rebuilt again, because it doesn't work well or look right, especially on Surface Pro. Look it up, see Paul Thurott for example.
    Surface Pro does include an one month trial subscription to Office 365 Home Premium, allow me to inform you.

    Second, web apps are not the same thing as installed apps. They are not the same, period. Apples and oranges.

    Third, Apple could afford not becoming polished and big quickly because they were first, they established the market. Microsoft is a latecomer and doesn't have that luxury.

    Fourth, those applications you mentioned are not installed through the App store and Microsoft doesn't receive a cut. They cannot be used on ARM, but they could've been (and were) sold in the Store just as well if Windows 8 did not exist at all. What is the point of its existence then?
    Fifth, four months are enough to show a general tendency, and it iz fizzly.
    Finally, since you seem to insist on being condescending1, teaching me things I know and generally treating me like I'm some idiot you are divinely entitled to put in his place, without even properly reading my posts first, I see no point in continuing this dialogue with you.
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    I dislike to barge in, Windows 8 is OK but I H.A.T.E that hour glass thingy. If they declare war on "slow"ness and focus on responsiveness of the device, then they "MIGHT" get my hard earn PESO. Same is true with Apple IOS - I dislike "waiting" for an information to appear back on my tablet. Time is MONEY!
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    If you think whining does not work take a look at this story.

    Maker's Mark to restore alcohol content of whiskey

    So we need to whine some more to M$ if they do not listen we need to dump them ASAP.
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    After spending the last three years denying absolutely in public and in private that VB’s reduction in alcohol would in any way affect the taste of the beer — and that beer drinkers didn’t care about it anyway — CUB have announced that VB will be restored to its previous strength. CUB Chief Executive Ari Mervis has even written a grovelling full-page apology letter titled, “We heard you…we’re fixing it.”

    The question is should the apology be believed anymore than the original denials?

    Now CUB’s Chief Marketing Officer Andy Gibson says that “today’s announcement is a victory for the beer drinkers of Australia.”

    Which beer drinkers? The ‘very few’ who complained, the ones who were wrong three years ago or the ones who couldn’t pick the difference?

    Even though three years ago CUB had received very few complaints, now those complaints are a deafening crescendo that they have suddenly been forced to take notice of.
    What should I call this column about VB’s, sorry Vic Bitter’s, latest change of heart? | Australian Brews News
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    Despite New Coke's acceptance with a large number of Coca-Cola drinkers, a vocal minority of them resented the change in formula and were not shy about making that known – again just as had happened in the focus groups. Many of these drinkers were Southerners, some of whom considered the drink a fundamental part of regional identity. They viewed the company's decision to change the formula through the prism of the Civil War, as another surrender to the "Yankees".[24]
    ---End Quote---
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    US Only Link?

    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    If you think whining does not work take a look at this story.

    Maker's Mark to restore alcohol content of whiskey | The Advertiser |

    So we need to whine some more to M$ if they do not listen we need to dump them ASAP.
    Does that link only work for the US?
    I get taken to a basketball story.
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    It indeed takes one to a basketball story within a paper that's published in my part of the world. Northern Illinois.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
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Windows 8 uncertainty blamed for decline in PC sales
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