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Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace

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    Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace

    Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace

    New OS can't keep up with Vista, Microsoft's 2007 OS flop

    By Gregg Keizer
    December 27, 2012 10:55 AM ET

    Computerworld - With just a week left in the month, Windows 8's usage uptake has slipped behind Vista's at the same point in its release, data from a Web measurement company showed.

    According to Net Applications, Windows 8's online usage share through Dec. 22 was 1.6% of all Windows PCs, an uptick from 1.2% of November. Windows 8 publicly launched on Oct. 26.

    At the same two-month mark in Vista's release timetable, that OS accounted for 2.2% of all Windows systems, double the month prior.

    Net Applications measures operating system usage by recording the specific operating system and version used by the machines of visitors to approximately 40,000 sites it monitors for clients.

    The slowdown in uptake of Windows 8 and its poor performance compared to Vista is a troubling sign for the new operating system. Vista has been labeled a rare Microsoft failure, in part because it was adopted by far fewer customers than either its predecessor, Windows XP, or its successor, Windows 7.

    Vista's online usage share peaked in the fall of 2009 at 20.3% of all Windows systems.

    While there are nine days of Windows 8 data for December still to be released by Net Applications -- including Christmas, when a substantial number of Windows 8 PCs may have been given as gifts, and thus not included in the online estimates -- the new OS would have to record an amazing usage jump during December's final week to put it on par with Vista's 2007 pace.
    see two page report

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    That is disappointing to hear, but think many already suspected as much. I happen to think Win8 is just fine. Still, I talk to some who are struggling to learn it and this is causing many friend to delay upgrading.
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    The contrast between the two being seen as flops is with Vista the OS had grown in size inbetween XP out in 2001 and then the delays resulting in a late launch date as well as understated system requirements. People running only 512mb of memory and a slower cpu were baffled and found Vista slow and not anywhere as responsive.

    With 8 on the other hand the OS has been stripped down to less then seen with 7 adding the "Modern" or "Metro" gui taken from the Surface Tablet Windows RT complicating things even more for the skeptical as well as those that would simply prefer to continue seeing things plain and simple! Many rejected both Vista and 7 wanting to stay with XP for that reason alone.
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    @NightHawk That makes perfect sense. In fact when running Vista Ultimate on a SATA3 SSD HD, 8GB RAM, decent graphics card, and a high end CPU/mobo, there's not a lot of difference to the speed of Win7 Ult on a similar set up.

    Win8 is too radical because it's basically asking conventional desktop users to run their PC in tablet format. Almost everyone I know has both mobile devices AND desktop tower PC, and they do their serious work on desktop PC. And don't want a tablet format for that purpose.

    And I do get to see a fairly large cross section of PCs as I belong to a world wide self-help organization, and my modest contribution is to help members who live in my area with their PC problems. But it's not restricted to that, as I also meet members face to face from many different countries as well as correspond by email. Then there are the various PC techos from computer retail outlets, repair shops, enthusiasts, forums, etc. And last but not least, my son is a qualified PC techo.

    The overall response to W8 that I have personally encountered is very negative. And I'm not an 8 hater. I'm running W8 Pro OEM installed from disk purchased from retail store for $149. However I am using Ex7ForW8 which imported the original W7 Orb Start Menu and Explorer 7 Shell; and disables Metro with direct boot to desktop.

    While this serves my purposes, the average user who wants it to work as they want it straight out of the box, won't be interested. I have a hard enough time coaxing people to do routine maintenance on their PCs like update, defrag, registry clean, Cleanup, safety after using IE, etc. I normally set these things on scheduled auto run when I service a PC or they never happen. I ran ToniArts Cleanup on one PC and it removed close to 5GB of garbage. And the guy wondered why his PC had slowed down!

    For many months I did exhaustive testing of W8 in native format but found it to be less efficient than native W7 setup.
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    I'd think 8 would be outdoing Vista but Vista was a desktop out of the box with no customizations. Making customizations in itself may not have hurt 8's reviews but the missing start button is killing them. Myself, I haven't tried a 3rd party start button. I added Program Files Toolbar and pinned Metro All apps shortcut to my taskbar. That works great because it bypasses the start screen and opens Search with a single click.
    It seems to me that experienced pc users are the ones with 8 problems.
    It takes people awhile to realize other forums here actually make customizing 8 real easy.
    I have 2 friends that are updating to 8 this month. Both are older with at least 5 years of hitting IE on the taskbar. Both felt too intimidated to navigate into the start button on XP.
    I showed them 8 on a metro screen with only 2 icons. Desktop & IE (set to open in desktop IE).
    They mentioned big start button (word START on metro). I demonstrated typing w for wordpad or MS word and clicking on tile. As well as right clicking and pinning it to start or taskbar. One asked about shortcuts, so I showed that slowly.
    Showed them to click desktop tile and window key to return to metro.
    After hour, they are the latest pc gurus.
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    You can't compare Windows 8 to Vista, Microsoft need Windows 8 to get in the tablet and phone market. If Vista was a flop, Windows 8 will be a Disaster for Microsoft if thing continue the way it goes. If you compare what Android as to offer to the phone, Windows really suck, look at the interface design, it's not even appealing. The metro thing was not a bad idea, it's just the interface team that really mess all the thing, it's not looking good and it don't have good features, actually they remove feature, a huge step back. Microsoft is in need of a good designer, someone who will bring the WOW to their OS look.
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    You can't compare Windows 8 to vista for SO many reasons. Firstly, the technology and features aren't similar. Eight wasn't a rushed out, half complete OS like vista was. Also, Windows 8 wasn't behind major schedule because too much technology was being built on top of an unsuitable OS.

    But to say that 8 is like vista is most arrogant, ignorant remark I've ever seen. Wow.

    As for the uptake, different times and different dynamics are working here. 2006-7 was a different time and a different economy than 2012-13. People are using an OS, Windows 7, that works fine and doesn't necessarily need to upgraded for either performance or security reasons. Yes, Windows 8 is better in those regards, but that doesn't seem to be what the major selling point. Now back in vista's day, people were using an OS, Windows xp, that was old, dated, icky look with SERIOUS security issues; performance was fine for the most part. vista came around and addressed the security issues, but left gaping performance problems all around that it later took two service packs to address; by which time Windows 7 was a year or so from launch, making the upgrade from xp to vista pointless when 7 was nearing the corner.
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    My bad, I correct it, I means " can't compare.." Windows 8 may probably end the existence of Microsoft. Sit and watch the next 2 years. The more I play with my Galaxy Note 2, the more I see the Microsoft problem. Please don't get me the UK sale of Windows phones, those who purchase it are probably telling their friend they make a mistake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    My bad, I correct it, I means " can't compare.." Windows 8 may probably end the existence of Microsoft. Sit and watch the next 2 years. The more I play with my Galaxy Note 2, the more I see the Microsoft problem. Please don't get me the UK sale of Windows phones, those who purchase it are probably telling their friend they make a mistake.
    The more I see commercials about running windowed apps on phones really highlights marketing gimmicks from Samsung...

    And no, global uptake of Windows Phone is rising, whether you choose to accept that fact is beyond me. And no, no one is saying what a mistake they made with Windows Phone, when it's higher up with user satisfaction than android and better reviewed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    And no, global uptake of Windows Phone is rising,
    lol my phone provider have only 1 Samsung and 1 Nokia demo with a Windows 8 , nothing in stock, special order only, that show you how they believe in it.
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Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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