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Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace

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    Coke Robot: 8 doesnt suck, it will just take time to catch on is all. I remember using Vista and it was nothing short of a nightmare and SLOW. Everything from playing games to Web-surfing to applying Windows Updates was just really slow. Updating was the worst part, because oftentimes after downloading updates it would demand a reboot, and then during the application phase it sometimes go on forever and suddenly fail. Havent had any such issues with 8, although I have had a difficult time getting my drivers and apps sorted out.

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    The first issue of Vista wasn't all that great, but the updates fixed a lot of things and it proved to be quite a reasonable OS. Microsoft clearly learned from the backlash it received and Windows 7 became as popular, if not more so, as XP. Windows 8 fundamentally is a further step forward and introduces some great underlying features, but also with its own level of controversy. For me, it's been one of the easiest and fuss free installations of any OS, and with Classic Shell works as well as Windows 7.

    It's still really very early days, so it'll be very interesting to see how the public takes to Windows 8 and whether they embrace it or not. There are still a lot of desktop users in the world and it will be very telling as to how those users react when they upgrade or buy new machines. I think all we've heard from so far are mainly the early adopters, the technophiles if you will, and not the mainstream users.
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    Some more news about Windows 8 and this is about touch devises.

    HP's Windows 8 launches 'muted,' says analyst | Microsoft - CNET News
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    Wow! Reallyy, MS?! It's a bad day when you can't even manage to outsell the #1 worst Windows OS in history. I had thought 8 would at least beat out Vista. Guess not..........
    ME followed by the overbugged XP were the two worst versions MS came out with. They rushed XP out right after ME flopped loaded with bugs finally seen to with SP3 only too little too late.

    Vista on the other hand wasn't a flop but misunderstood OS which had grown in size not suitable for the older systems when MS had understated the actual minimum system requirements allowing OEMs to pass it off on less then adequate hardwares! Once you have Vista set it became a reliable OS with a much needed improved crash control methol as well as being found far more stable then the previous verions.

    7 on the other hand still comes in as the Uno Numero #1 best release MS has seen and faltered from that version's success story with a bungled up Tablet gui slapped on desktop platform move. Despite improvements you would expect to see at the core level the awkwardness of running a tablet gui requiring extra steps for each task makes it a far less productive environment for the standard desktop most are accustomed to.

    Improvements like finally seeing the MS Security Essentials turned into an actual working av program(renamed as the new Windows Defender since the original WD was a joke!), a faster startup time, and other changes like a new look for the taskmanager and new Lock screen are drowned out for most by how MS stripped the OS down to be more like a Tablet OS.

    As far as graphs showing Andriod devices grabbing at the market there are far more Andriod devices being seen each day with phone companies offering plans with deals. That's a totally different ball park in the hand held market when trying to compare to how well a desktop and supposedly desktop versions are matched up against each other however.

    When pointing out to how many new 8 licenses have been sold no one ever "cries wolf" about how many turn around later and want to see 7 or Vista replace 8 when 8 is found to be not what many want. Likewise each new version always sees those will and those that won't take an immediate liking or simply prefer another option.

    Here the task of comparison was made simple by having two separate OS drives as well as VMs to put each under scrutiny as to which would work out the best. On that note 8 suffers from a poor grade. You can toss articles and theories on what MS is planning all day long but it won't change the findings as far as it not being a suitable alternative for 7 here.

    I guess you could say 7 proved to be the lucky one while this latest MS offering is behind the 8 ball! The MS goal was simple to put everything into their new Surface Tablet products and Windows RT while simply slapping that gui on 8 to have something new for the desktop editions to throw out on the desktop market without much thought. MS was obviously saying: "Hey this is our new desktop version take it the way it is or leave it! We'll be busy with Surface in the meantime."

    With that in mind as well as the statement regarding the MS aim at Surface being their main goal at this time a full Windows 8 is seen on their new Surface Tablet. Hands-on with Microsoft's Surface Pro | ZDNet

    That's where all the effort actually went for the new version. You first have to lighten up the OS a bit in order to make it work out on that platform however while they provided a desktop release so you can still run it as an upgrade explaining why you only two editions being sold in stores to start with.

    And finally one other item to add here that many should find useful?! 8 worst Windows 8 irritations (and how to fix them) | PCWorld

    Windows 8, I want to love you, but your annoying quirks keep bringing me down.

    After spending more than a year conquering the operating system's overhauled (and nonintuitive) interface in its various prerelease iterations, I've now entered a second stage of frustration: I find myself cursing at Windows 8's major changes less and less, but shaking my fist and swearing like a sailor at its little irritations more and more.

    Beyond its polished, tile-based surface, Microsoft's new operating system plays host to a legion of smaller annoyances—a cornucopia of quirks that will leave you seething long after you get the hang of all the new gesture controls and schizophrenic system options. Some of the problems are whoppers. Others are mere nitpicks that result from a lifetime of traditional Windows use. But many of these problems can be fixed, with one major exception. Read on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8
    The first issue of Vista wasn't all that great, but the updates fixed a lot of things and it proved to be quite a reasonable OS. Microsoft clearly learned from the backlash it received and Windows 7 became as popular, if not more so, as XP.
    The main difference between Vista and 8 is that with 8, Microsoft didn't learn from the huge backlash it recieved during the preview period.
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    Let's hope MS learns from the gambit they are playing now with 8 being too focused on grabbing up mobile market and ignoring the desktop platform with the exception of a few OS tweaks and thrills while not producing a new desktop gui! To be sinical with a little sarcasm to add to the mix the "cheap ripoff of the Windows RT gui" is a trade off to simply toss some new something out and call it a desktop version of something else!

    It is quite evident that MS simply ignored the downplays on the convoluted by blog writers and negative reactions of how the Win OS was turned upside down. I can only imagine some of the feedback submitted by those trying out the DP even let alone the CP and RP builds MS heard with deaf ears apparently.

    Back in late 2006 and during 2007 the Vista haters became an abundance simply due to the MS blonder of "not" specifying the actual minimum system requirements for a new version found to be much larger in size with a good number of additional background processes which called for a faster cpu and more ram. That was their big goof in not stating people did need some upgrading if not newer faster hardwares to work with.

    Even the 32bit 7 was able to go on and run faster on a few old boats for a fast temp install running old XP drivers for video and sound which Vista couldn't do due to compatibility issues more prevalent. With 8 being the new kid on the street it brings with it some new compatibility issues as Vista was to XP all over again while Vista and 7 shared things commonly! 7 has the backward compatibility while 8 brings us back to the newer version requires a lot new to run.
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Windows 8's uptake falls behind Vista's pace
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