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2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain

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    2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain

    2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain

    Summary: It's still very hard to install Linux on Windows 8 PCs, and it's next to impossible to install Linux on Windows RT devices like the Microsoft Surface RT.

    By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open Source
    December 31, 2012 -- 02:58 GMT (18:58 PST)

    Want to run Linux on your Windows 8 PC? Get used to looking at your PC's firmware settings screen.

    In security's name, Microsoft has made it difficult to install Linux, or any other operating system, including older versions of Windows, on Windows 8 PCS. In addition, Microsoft has made it all but impossible to install Linux on Windows RT devices such as the Surface RT.

    Microsoft has done this by adding a feature to UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), the next generation of BIOS, called secure boot. Its avowed purpose is to prevent rootkits, malicious programs that run before the operating system boots, from running.

    So far, so good as even the Free Software Foundation (FSF), an organization with no love for Microsoft recently admitted.

    When done correctly, "Secure Boot" is designed to protect against malware by preventing computers from loading unauthorized binary programs when booting. In practice, this means that computers implementing it won't boot unauthorized operating systems -- including initially authorized systems that have been modified without being re-approved.

    This could be a feature deserving of the name, as long as the user is able to authorize the programs she wants to use, so she can run free software written and modified by herself or people she trusts. However, we are concerned that Microsoft and hardware manufacturers will implement these boot restrictions in a way that will prevent users from booting anything other than Windows. In this case, we are better off calling the technology Restricted Boot, since such a requirement would be a disastrous restriction on computer users and not a security feature at all.
    see full report

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    that's nothing at first MS want to include a kill switch.
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    Remember how every year is supposed to be the year of Linux on the PC?

    Yeah, Windows 8 has already surpassed the amount of Linux usage as of this month....
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    You can just duel boot, make a partition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
    that's nothing at first MS want to include a kill switch.
    What? Not sure what you are attempting to say.
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    When setting up the dual boot of 7 with the RP that proved to be disasterous trying to boot into 7 from the 8 boot options screen! This report here explains where the problem has been and why Linux users will also have some fun trying to debug dual boot problems with the latest MS offering.

    With the CP on the boot entry for 8 was added into the 7 BCD and no problems seen. With the changes in boot structure as far as security measures the boot into 7 from 8 on the other hand during the RP install ended with both version crashing by freezing up solid right after reaching the desktop. The first click on anything was an automatic desktop frozen solid!

    As a result of the "Secure Boot" being added into the mix both drive since the dual boot was across two separate drives resulted in numerous errors being reported and fixed by the Disk Check tool which managed to get both versions running again. Following the clean install of 7 a little overdue by that time anyways 7 adapted instantly to the drive mode change from Native ide to AHCI while the RP crashed one last time! After 8's SP1 is out perhaps we'll see if the same problem prevails?
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2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain
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