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Surface trampled at the bottom of the tablet pile

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    While it is true that there can be formatting issues and such using Open Office.....I don't think that the problem is really on the OO side of the house...I suspect the source documents are being handled in such a way to make 3rd party alternatives difficult.

    Microsoft Office is the standard, I don't argue that whatsoever. I have it on my work machine as we use Outlook and Exchange at work. However, at home, I just don't have the need to use a genuine copy of MS Office. But I do have a need to do basic work processing and spreadsheets from time to time. Since my home needs are so basic, I see no reason to purchase multiple copies of MS Office... It used to be that I used Open Office without question, but now I can achieve results with either Google Docs or even MS Web Apps without having to install a single thing. So, these online versions are now what I am using. I've always preferred to keep my computer as clean as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    The iPad has somehow (don't ask me how) acquired this "mystic" quality with people. They are like that about many Apple products. MS is late to the game on top of that. I think they'd love to grab a big part of that market, but would probably be happy to get 10% or better. that's money they aren't getting now. A Guy
    The iPad is not a smart phone and it is not a laptop. It is a simple device that gives people quick access to the internet, email and other things that they want quick access to. You can create documents on it and do some work if you need to, but why would you? This isn't the device for that and you'll have a better experience doing that on a desktop or full size laptop.

    Competing tablet makers like to talk about how their tables are the complete solution and do so much more than the iPad. They say these new tablets are what business users have been looking for, but to make a tablet that does anything beyond what the iPad does will push them into being a product that is horrible at what they are trying to do.

    The iPad is great because it does what a device that size is good at doing and it doesn't try hard to be more. They dont stuff it with specs, they stuff it with usability and it is very usable and pleasant.

    You can go use your surface tablet to vpn into work and write up some documents. I'll just put my iPad down and go use my PC to do that because the work experience is much better on my PC than it is on my iPad for those kinds of things. My iPad can do it, but it's not what it was made to do.

    So is the surface really that much better or is it just trying to be too much in the wrong package?
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    "The iPad is great because it does what a device that size is good at doing and it doesn't try hard to be more. They dont stuff it with specs, they stuff it with usability and it is very usable and pleasant."

    I've got two iPads, I'd swap them both in a heartbeat for a tablet with a full blown operating system, I get sick of not being able to put a USB drive on there or run XBMC, but the worst thing is no file system.

    I like the iPad but I'd much rather a full PC like Surface. Also, lately every time I look at the horrible square shape it makes me think of something old and antique.
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    Sums it up for me!
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    "The iPad is great because it does what a device that size is good at doing and it doesn't try hard to be more. They dont stuff it with specs, they stuff it with usability and it is very usable and pleasant."

    Using that logic we shouldn't have smart phones either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    This is a Forum.

    Anyone who wants to set up a windows 8 blind adoration society is free to do so.

    Those who are that way inclined could go there if they like and coo endlessly.

    They can also post on this forum .

    They won't be told to go away because we don't want to hear what they have to say.
    Isn't that what they did in the old Soviet Union - go away to Siberia, we don't like what you say.
    Hi there

    in the old Soviet Union the Communist / Government controlled state newspaper was called "PRAVDA" which translated into English meant ""TRUTH" !!!

    Pravda (Soviet newspaper) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    Usually readers of that paper were savvy enough to know that around 95 % was false, 4 % just plain B/S and possibly 1% might contain something interesting.

    Seems Papers in the West aren't much better even today in 2013.

    However some of the posts concerning how great Windows 8 is seem to remind me exactly of that old "Pravda" paper. I used to read some of it when I was a youngster as I was learning Russian at the time -- and at least the grammar was correct and the prose 100% predictable.

    Windows 8 has some decent features and if you are a classic desktop user some abominations too -- but for tablet use the abominations don't really exist.

    For instance I can't use Office 2013 at all on my desk / laptop -- I don't like the Full screen start (extra 2 or 3 keystrokes to get to my document(s) ) compared with excel 2010 -- and the background colour scheme only gives you that hideous white or two shades of grey. On a large monitor you'll need to wear "Shades" if you choose the White background and the grey makes it look a bit like "The Fruit Company's" offerings.

    On a tablet however it's fine.

    We really DO have different requirements for Windows -- for some Windows 8 is fine -- most of the people I REALLY know (not just via "Farcebook" or "Twatting" ) but real LIVE physical humans !! seem to quite like Windows 8 -- other who use a computer for rather more than the average casual home user or who need more than basic surfing / email / entertainment / short presentational requirements prefer the W7 or traditional interface.

    I have no doubt Windows 8 will be a success in its own way but W7 will be the new "XP" and may even last longer (> 12 years) than XP - baring in mind the greater reliability and power of modern hardware which means people don't need to upgrade computers as often as before.

    Anyway here's a screenshot of the starting page of EXCEL 2013 -- I also HATE that Sign in reminder -- I have 100% NO INTEREST in using anything "Cloud cuckoo land" / sky drivel or other equivalent "services" --which once you become dependent on they will "Monetise" i.e charge you for it.

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Surface trampled at the bottom of the tablet pile
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