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Windows 8 to have Touch-Enabled IE10… shock!

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    Windows 8 to have Touch-Enabled IE10… shock!

    It’s being reported that the next version of Internet Explorer might come bundled with Windows 8. This has always been a fairly likely proposition. However Win7China is saying that they fully expect the next version of Internet Explorer to be touch-enabled.

    So is either one of these pieces of information news and should we get excited? Well, frankly not. There is commonly a new Internet Explorer release around the same time as a new Windows release, though not always at the same time.

    The fact that Microsoft are working hard on a more touch-friendly interface for Windows would also require a touch-friendly web browser as part of the package.

    It’s a sign though of how excited people are already becoming about Microsoft’s next generation OS. This will be the biggest change for Windows since Windows 95 when they interface was completely changed.

    It’s not news in itself though any more than the news that the iPad 2 would be slightly thinner, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. These are all things we should expect from a new product.

    Windows 8, which is due for release either in the summer or the autumn of 2012, will be the company’s first fully touch-enabled OS despite what claims they may already make about Windows 7. This will make it a bold move forward and we’ll continue to bring you the news, and all the excitement, here at Windows8News.
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    Good that it supports touch but it needs to be supporting web standards more than anything or actually support stuff like css 3 and html 5 more I mean IE 9 is a disappointment.
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    Agreed. IE9 does 95/100 in Acid3 test while FF4 does 100/100.
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    That's pretty big news, yes?
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    They are gearing up for the ARM world. Touch is all you have on a tablet.
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    Well they could always do pen support to so pen and touch like the Idea they had with Microsoft courier I loved that idea. That software would have been amazing with pen and touch and it's so creative but if they don't make it soon apple might take the idea. Then when they take the idea and implement they will be ahead of Microsoft again. It would be nice if they could make a tablet either one display or two like the original idea with the courier software I would totally buy it!
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    Windows 8, IE9 and.... Windows Média Player 13 ???
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Windows 8 to have Touch-Enabled IE10… shock!
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