The leaked screenshots of the Windows 8 operating system so far did not reveal new features. Most showed build numbers, some minor user interface corrections.

New screenshots have been leaked today by the Chinese news site Win7China which for the first time displayed new elements and features of the upcoming operating system.

A total of three screenshots have been posted. Two show the taskbar and system tray, the remaining one part of the user profile directory. Lets take a closer look at each of the screenshots.

Please note that we tried our best to identify the features by carefully examining the screenshots and using machine translation of the news post on the Chinese website.

The first screenshot shows the Windows 8 system tray area. The core addition is the profile picture next to the system tray. According to the information on the Chinese site, these can be local or Windows Live ID accounts. It basically means that users can make use of their Windows Live ID to log into Windows 8. It is likely that additional features of the integration will be revealed at a later time. One possible scenario is to link backup or cloud based storage with a userís Live ID.
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