Microsoft employees have dropped a few Windows 8 hints on their LinkedIn profiles recently.

Super sleuth and ZDNet SEO expert Stephen Chapman uncovered a large amount of LinkedIn profiles referencing Windows 8. Chapman has also uncovered some documents and job postings that specifically reference Windows 8. There’s a large amount of posts and most are lacking detail but here’s the important ones that we can see:

Steve Welch:

Since shipping Multitouch for Windows 7 I have moved on to other modes of input, landing on the “Advanced Input” team for Windows 8.

I’m greatly looking forward to releasing what I truly believe will be the most important Windows ever shipped, and I’m anxious to see the reaction people will have to the ideas we’ve decided to pursue.

Private LinkedIn Profile

Driving client and server security and platform attestation based on the Trusted Platform Module for Windows 8 in the Platform Integrity Organization of the Microsoft Core OS Business Unit, Redmond, USA.

- Extensive research with the TPM 1.2 and strong ties to TPM manufacturers, OEMs and the TCG
- Significant contributions to the TPM specification in the TCG
- Architected, designed and wrote extended the TPM support inWindows 8
- Contributed to DRTM launched hypervisor prototype
- Close relations to Intel’s UEFI group around authenticated boot
- Several cross group and organizational incubation projects that allow other features and products to leverage strong platform crypto and attestation
- Filed 8 patents around TPM Data Protection, Secure Hyper Visor Launch and Platform Attestation
- Several Windows 8 platform crypto and integrity features that cannot be disclosed at this time

Result: Windows 8 will change the game in terms of platform security and platform trust.
Microsoft employees reveal some Windows 8 tidbits | WinRumors