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Microsoft Says You’re Getting Used to Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post

    Yet, they will think W8's Metro is more cool than old fashioned Vista-looking 7. At least they reckon that Windows is coming up with something that is visualy new and worth including in fashion trends.
    The future of the OS will be decided by couturiers.
    I hope MS is going to give the fruit company and the android mob a run for their money but (going over old ground yet again) I think they have alienated a fair number of their existing Win7 users by not giving them a choice of UI at install time - but what would I know - I'm not paid zillions of $$$'s in a market research company. I have Win8 installed on my laptop dual booting with Win7 and yes, I did bomb it back to the future with classic shell but I really cannot see the point for my needs.

    So each to their own. If Win8 works for you then fine, if not stick with Win7/Vista or whatever works for you. There isn't a right or wrong on this. If folks want to spend money on Apple gear then, well, it's their money so what they do with it is entirely up to them. What Win8 has managed to achieve though is polarization of thinking which is kinda sad.

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    I don't think this even makes sense for her to use as a way to market windows 8. She's basically reporting nothing. Obviously people will get used to it. They have no choice if they use windows 8 it's not like they will suddenly change it with a patch or something so they will either need to learn how to use it or they won't use it at all. Windows 8 includes a tablet side to things. They also remade the desktop in ways that don't benefit the user. Users in general will be curious of the tablet side of things as that is now the first thing you see. I'm pretty sure the curiosity will get them to explore which will adjust the user. I wish the desktop made more sense design wise then people wouldn't even need to get used to it.
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    Like everything else, you get used to it.
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Microsoft Says You’re Getting Used to Windows 8
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