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Microsoft Says You’re Getting Used to Windows 8

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    Friend of mine bought a Windows 8 machine, with the intention of installing Linux on it (he is an android programmer). Took him nearly 20 hours to get around the stupid Secure Boot functionality. He was livid.

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    I thought it was supposed to be simple to turn it off.

    Obviously not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I thought it was supposed to be simple to turn it off.

    Obviously not.
    Depends on the OEM, Lenovo makes it easy.

    Also Consumer Reports does not like Windows 8 and suggest that you buy Windows 7

    Consumer Reports makes case for Windows 7 PCs - Computerworld
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazz9496 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    MS did claim 40m had been sold.

    What does it mean?

    Does it mean 40m people have bought, installed and are using - or does it mean those are sales to wholesalers - who will try and shift them over the next two or three months - or does it mean something else entirely.

    Seems strange there are claims it is outselling win7.

    I don't know a single person who has bought a copy ( apart from me ).

    I also don't know a single person who has bought a win 8 device.
    sales listings like that are activated licences by users, wholesalers/shops aren't included those are actual sales....that would be fraud if they gave a false report like that as it would be classed as market manipulation.

    nearly a month has passed since that was released it could be well over 100 million this month for all i know...or 50 million.
    Market manipulation has been going on since time began. Even the motor manufacturers are at it, month in month out with their pre-registered vehicles so they can claim sales and bump up their market share. Technically the cars have been sold but not as we understand it. For all I know many of those 40m are internal sales from one MS dept to another for the Surface - who knows - only time will tell. Maybe they are just promises for the future. Boeing and Airbus claim every year to have received orders for X number of aircraft but only seem to end up delivering Y number. Many of the orders are never fulfilled.

    Once the true figures come in from the web stats as to who is using what to browse the web then maybe things will start to make more sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I thought it was supposed to be simple to turn it off.

    Obviously not.
    All about control
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    What makes you think that means licenses activated by users?

    In what sense would it be fraud.

    If MS have sold them - they can call it a sale.

    Even if they were sales to wholesalers stocking up for the next few months. MS might even have included the deals they have done to supply European schools with devices at a very low price. The deal is done - it doesn't matter if they won't be delivered for a long while - it doesn't matter if they make no profit - MS can still call it a sale.

    We have no way of knowing what that actually means.

    One thing you can be sure of is that MS are going to make it sound as good as possible.
    Hi there


    You can BUY a product and NEVER EVER use it. As far as the seller is concerned it's a SALE whether you use it or toss it in the trashcan.

    I've "Downgraded" 3 computers to W7 -- but that doesn't mean those 3 copies of W8 which are destined for a one way trip to the trashcan don't count as 3 sales -- they DO.

    BTW the computers came with Windows 8 and all the OEM bloatware and crapware --- if I were installing W8 on my own machine and needed retail rather than TechNet - I'd get the PRO version and remove the OEM version.

    W8 *may* be OK for Ms -- Ms doesn't worry about NEXT week or even Q1 2013. Unlike a lot of US corporations it thinks reasonably long term which is why its stock price has been relatively stable for years and still pays a dividend -- (If you play the markets actually selling CALL and PUT Weekly options on very stable shares like MSFT is better than Buy and Hold -- Ideal share for this purpose -- that however is a different topic as this isn't a market traders Forum !!).

    I still think though the menuing system with those tiles doesn't work for some desktop users - especially when multi-monitors are used - and where you need loads of concurrent windows open when running complex apps like Visual Studio, photoshop, etc.

    However time will tell.

    People who basically are using their computers rather like a tablet find W8 fine -- no prob with that -- W8 is essential an OS for MOBILE devices with a touchscreen - not a classic desktop. That said more and more people tend to use computers like mobile devices these days anyway. Ms isn't as stupid as a lot of people seem to think.

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    I feel quite used to my release preview and now it feels strange if I go onto a Windows 7 machine. But I always have the thingy that Microsoft uses to gather user stats turned off. Im looking forward to getting windows 8 pro next week hopefully. I already have the media center key to upgrade it. So I can start the new year with my new opreating system

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    I used to consider myself a Windows 8 sceptic person because all the usuall critics ==> I'm a power user; can't work without a startmenu; don't have a touch screen etc. ....Until the release date came. I raced home from work, bought myself an upgrade copy and actually started using Windows 8.

    Now I can honestly say that I LOVE Windows 8!!! I think it is the next evolutionary step in the Windows OS lifetime. It even made me buy the new Windows Phone .

    Loving every minute I spend in front of my computer!
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    I upgraded my household of eight people family room computer to Windows 8.
    I really got tired of my constantly having to explain, hand hold and figure out issues, even after purchasing the Start8 program. Stayed on 8 about a month until I finally threw in the towel and went back to the comfort of windows 7.
    I'll probably go back one day, but not today.
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    I'll just ignore Windows 8 for as long as I can. It's not Windows 8 that worries me though, skipping a Windows version is no big deal. I'm more worried about their intentions for the next Windows.
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Microsoft Says You’re Getting Used to Windows 8
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