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A Windows 8 tablet in Q1 2012? Hmmm...

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    A Windows 8 tablet in Q1 2012? Hmmm...

    There’s an alleged leaked Dell roadmap making the rounds that shows a timeline indicating that Dell is going to ship a Windows 8 tablet, codenamed Peju, in the first quarter of 2012.

    My first reaction on seeing this is… No way. How can this possibly be, given that we haven’t even seen a first tech preview of Windows 8 — and are unlikely to see one, according to most informed (and uninformed) speculation until fall 2011? I’m still thinking Windows 8 will be released to manufacturing in time to make it onto PCs for holiday 2012, but there are also some claiming it won’t be out until some time in early 2013.

    Put another way: If Microsoft delivers a public beta or two, and does the final fit and finish work on Windows 8, is there any way that it could possibly be released to manufacturing in late 2011, which is what Dell would need to get it onto tablets in time to ship it in Q1 2012? I just don’t see it. (And for the record, Microsoft officials are not commenting. I asked.)

    There is another remote possibility… and one that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now. Let me say up front that this is all pure and utter conjecture on my part.

    What if Microsoft is planning to deliver the system-on-a-chip version of Windows 8 first? The company is believed to have been working on a port of Windows to ARM for several years now, starting with the rumored “LongARM” project. So what if the SoC version of “Windows Next” that Microsoft showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past January was a lot further along than many think? Microsoft has said it plans to deliver Windows “Next” — which is widely assumed to be the same as Windows 8 by most sane and rational people — on Soc chips from Intel, AMD and ARM.

    The Dell Peju...

    Click image for larger version

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    Yeah, it's quite an interesting one isn't it. If it were going to run like this we should be expecting an RC in the next few months! haha. another thought is, a quick release? oh no....please not another Vista fiasco!

    They better not go with Win8 on a chip first, yeah, great they can do it, but I wouldn't waste my money when I could be buying one of intel's i7 chips!!!!
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    They better not go with Win8 on a chip first, yeah, great they can do it, but I wouldn't waste my money when I could be buying one of intel's i7 chips!!!! My System Specs
    Just consider that for every i7 there will probably be 100 ARM processors. That is a huge market. Tablets and Smartphones are outselling PCs already.
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    That sounds very interesting ! Something nice is gonna happen in the next months
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A Windows 8 tablet in Q1 2012? Hmmm...
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