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Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application

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    Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application

    Back In August 2010 I ran a story on a new feature of Windows 8 called Direct Experience Mode which basically meant that the operating system would be able to load different modes depending on use. A basic example would be a video DVD inserted into the drive before boot. Instead of booting into the operating system to play the video DVD, the Direct Experience Mode would quick load a video player directly to speed up the user experience.

    Microsoft back in January applied for a new patent. FAST BOOTING A COMPUTING DEVICE TO A SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE appears to be a variant of the Direct Computing Experience patent.

    The patent describes a booting process that loads a virtual machine manager which decides which general or specific purpose operating system module gets loaded. The chart shows four specific purpose modules including TV, Music and DVD usage as well as one general purpose operating system.
    Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application | Windows 8 News

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    That sounds good !
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    this looks way handier than the light OS concepts that google is working on (i.e. chrome os)
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    Very nice I like where this is going.
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Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application
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