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    Microsoft’s Windows RT could evolve into just ‘Surface’

    When it comes to getting a name right for any device it’s just as important as getting the hardware precise, get it wrong and this could have a series effect on the future of whatever product you are trying to become the next big thing. This is something that Microsoft could soon face, as it has recently been discussed that in order for them to make their tablet a success they need to drop the name Microsoft Windows RT and evolve it to just ‘Surface’.

    An interesting article has been looking at why Paul Thurrott believes that the best way for Microsoft to move forward with its Windows 8 mobile OS business is to re-brand it, and much of what he says is correct – although some fans would disagree. For many fans they believe that even the name Windows 8 is boring when compared to just Android or iOS, but there are still those who believe that the name is mature.
    This is a worry for Microsoft because they are uncertain just how many consumers are on the side of the name Microsoft Windows RT; maybe most of them would just like the name Surface because it just rolls off the tongue? The biggest issue that Microsoft would have to face, putting cost aside, is how people don’t like change. If the Redmond company had just gone with the simpler name in the first place then all well and good, but trying to persuade consumers to drop a name now is going to be a tough call.
    The Windows RT device was created for tablets running the ARM processor, which has a desktop mode, but most consumers don’t even look at their Windows tablet that way and just refer to it as a Surface tablet, which could be seen as yet another sign to drop the long and awkward name. The differences between the RT and the Pro can be better explained in our recent article.
    If Microsoft were to make a change then maybe they should not go as drastic as a complete name change for Windows 8, although Surface OS has a nice ring to it, but they should consider dropping the name Windows RT as it just doesn’t sound right.
    It does kind of make sense to rename Metro to Surface, distinguishing it from Windows (which is no longer accurate)
    I just don't think we can handle any more name changes, as Microsoft has switched things around half-assedly for too long.

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    Such a name change would make it a lot easier for people to understand and distinguish between the castrated version of Windows and the full version. It's worked well enough for Apple.
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    Ah, no more lines at Best Buy explaining what RT is... LOL!
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Surface OS
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