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Steve Ballmer's Nightmare Is Coming True

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    Steve Ballmer's Nightmare Is Coming True

    (please don't shoot the messenger.)

    From Yahoo Finance

    Almost one year ago today, we laid out the nightmare scenario for Microsoft (MSFT) that could lead to its business collapsing. After laying it all out, we concluded, "Fortunately for Microsoft, none of this is going to happen."

    We were wrong.

    Steve Ballmer's Nightmare Is Coming True - Yahoo! Finance

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    Its what I have thought for awhile, You have more than a few who Hate the new WIndows 8 interface on a PC, WIndows Phone is not cool and like who cares?

    What Microsoft should do:
    Concentrate on OS developement offer new versions of 8 for a PC less touch more 7 like
    Dump phone
    Allow and develop 8 to use Android apps

    the New MS under my plan would be

    Windows only Apps for 8 allowing Android so the market would be huge
    Phone, it will never be anything like Iphone or Android
    idea to be successful you must have it all.......Apple has learned this in the past and if they do not remember they will too fall eventually
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    What a fluff anti MS piece:

    1. The iPad eats the consumer PC market.
    iPad eats PC market (Apples sell better than oranges so Florida is in trouble?!)

    2. Employees gradually switch away from using Windows PCs for work.
    The author even says in the first sentence that this has not played out yet...

    3. Windows 8 fails to stop the iPad.
    "it's still early, but" the auther has no fact to back this up either. the iPad has been out since 2010, the surface for what a month now. let's see the numbers in relative comparison

    4. Loyal developers start to leave the Microsoft platform
    "We're not sure if this happening or not. So far, the early signs are actually positive for Microsoft" again the author just grabbing at straws

    5. Windows Phone gets no traction despite the Nokia deal and RIM's collapse.
    I just upgraded my phone to the Nokia 920 and they are on back order, the AT&T store can't keep them in stock, plus catching up to even Android Apple is having a hard time with....

    6. Office loses relevance.
    How does Office lose revelance?! I have even went so far as to suggest to my company to switch to Open Office or Libre. They had NO interest and they are FREE. Again "The death of Office, has not happened, though. Despite Google's attempt to create Docs, companies aren't giving up on Excel." The author can't even agree with his own statement..

    7. Microsoft's other business applications start to erode.
    The author agian speculating "If" before saying "Exchange, SharePoint, and Dynamics all bring in more than $1 billion per year"

    8. The platform business collapses
    Speculation again

    9. The Xbox was never going to make up the slack, and Microsoft can no longer afford to keep investing in it.
    Again assuming all the above actually happens, which acording to the author has not..

    10. Microsoft suffers a huge quarterly loss. Ballmer retires to play golf.
    This is crap too, they had a write off on a loss for one qurter, the author even says so.

    Just more junk reporting in my opinion....

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    The amount of FUD being spewed out in the article is staggering.
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    [QUOTE=Rickkins;154203](please don't shoot the messenger.)

    Where's my gun, damn can never find when I need it. . .
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    I don't think Microsoft is "down for the count" quite yet. Most companies would love to have their balance sheet!
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    Most absurd article I've read in a while, apple thumpers still exists?
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    A shift in computing trends IS happening, in fact, it's already happened and though the idea of the PC disappearing entirely is ridiculous, the notion that Microsoft has nothing to worry about is equally absurd. They're deadly worried because they've been left behind in this new era and they know it. You only need to look at Windows 8 to know that.
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    Hi there
    Please SAVE THE PLANET by not reading the article -- eventually they won't waste paper on this any more -- less trees being cut down to produce rubbish mags.

    "The Fruit Company" suffered its worse stock display in 4 YEARS --even though the rest of

    the market was ok
    Dow, S&P rise, but Nasdaq sours with Apple in wild day - Yahoo! Finance

    Meanwhile MSFT

    MSFT: Summary for Microsoft Corporation- Yahoo! Finance

    I don't think MS is in any trouble -- "The Fruit Company" clearly is -- as the Ipad and Iphone market has matured and there's not much else on the scene. Even the once might Ipod is for most a redundant piece of kit as decent music players are incorporated into newer phones - and as these can take up to 32 GB extra storage on micro SD cards you can store plenty of music on these (even in FLAC) - which the SAMSUNG music player now plays !!).

    Ms make a LOT of money from its office products. server software. SQL server and "consultancy" / service fees - and I don't know any large business who has a contract with Apple.

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    I would give my mom an iphone to introduce her to smartphones. Then again, she was using cassette tapes as of six years ago....
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Steve Ballmer's Nightmare Is Coming True
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