Microsoft is claiming some users could see price decreases with the new Office 2013 servers due to consolidation in SKUs. But your mileage may vary.

Last week -- just ahead of the December 1 date when Microsoft added its new Office 2013 servers to its volume-licensing price lists -- the Softies were tight-lipped about exactly what customers should expect. (Luckily, some of their reseller partners were not as reticent to talk.)

Resellers said volume licensees should expect substantial price increases for several of Microsoft's new Office 2013 servers. They also said Microsoft was consolidating its licenses, replacing multiple SKUs with a single option (in the case of SharePoint and Lync, specifically). Microsoft officials declined to comment last week about the coming changes.

On December 3, now that the volume-price lists are public, Microsoft execs were a bit more willing to talk about the licensing and pricing changes for the on-premises servers that have gone into effect.

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