New Windows 8 rumors surfaced on Wednesday suggesting that Microsoft is working on two user interfaces for its next generation of Windows.

Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott posted his take on some recent rumors and tips he has received. Thurrott suggests that Microsoft is working on a tile-based user interface codenamed Mosh. “I have to believe that this UI will be an alternative UI, and not a full replacement, or will appear only on low-end tablet-like devices aimed at the iPad,” wrote Thurrott.

The rumor of a dual user interface for Windows 8 is now new however. Italian bloggers posted information regarding two separate user interfaces in December. Thurrott also claims that Microsoft is working on a new application model codenamed “Jupiter”. “The app store will provide access to new, Silverlight based “immersive” applications that are deployed as AppX packages (.appx),” writes Thurrott.

There's a TON of news packed into that article. Love that the rumors are picking up steam