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I have a tablet running full desktop software already, as I needed something portable to do that and other things that a laptop could not do (or not without significant issues). Try doing this with a laptop (full off-road navigation):

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And then I can use it with Lightroom/Photoshop for photo management, or Office for word processing and for presentations at meetings etc; it is my mobile PC. All of this fits into a small laptop satchel, which previously just held a laptop; but now accommodates the tablet, its keyboard case, charger, mouse, notebooks etc, with room to spare.

That's why I really love my tablet PC and the additional peripheral ports that are severely lacking in Apple, Android and lesser tablets; full USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, SD port, ethernet port, VGA port and SIM card port just make it so much more versatile. Total weight of tablet alone, 0.825kg, with keyboard cover, 1.3kg. But all of this came at a much lower cost than the Surface Pro current price.

There is a very good argument supporting business/work tablet PCs, it's just a pity that it has taken so long for them to get traction, as they have been over-shadowed by the social networking tablets that Apple and Android have been pushing.
I think this is called being a true road warrior?