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Report: Little demand for Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

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    Oh my God Coke Robot, everybody that I know, who has a teenager or below if they don't already own an iPad are asking for them for Christmas. I've talked to many parents who are buying their kids iPads simply so the parents can get their iPad's back.

    Geez, where do you live? Redmond, Washington?

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    4 of the top 5 items on that Nielsen survey for 6-12 year olds were apple products. The surface is at the bottom. It's not about what's best. It's about what people want. A Guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    Kids and teens just want the "status" device

    iPad tops kids and teenagers most wanted list for Christmas | TechDeville

    A Guy
    Come on, I'm 13 and I will never want an iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrShowdown View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    Kids and teens just want the "status" device

    iPad tops kids and teenagers most wanted list for Christmas | TechDeville

    A Guy
    Come on, I'm 13 and I will never want an iPad.

    I wouldn't have minded one when I was thirteen.

    Trouble is, that was in 1971...
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    Agree. It's about what people want. I think it's more about hype. It's hard to overcome that, especially with the young. They don't research products, parents do. So, kid A gets an iPad because his/her parents bought it for them. Kid B sees it and wants one. Peer pressure -> I got to have one because kid A has one!

    I think we also have to remember that MS is just starting to get into the PADD business. It's hard to overcome the hype of something that Apple introduced 4 years ago. This is why I think MS should have had an introductory price. Even if they broke even on them and let the apps subsidize it. On the other hand, they'd have OEMs knocking on the door. Seems to me that MS is between a rock and a hard place here.

    I remember buying a GameBoy for my sons back in the 90's because they were the hot item. I did not research. It's what they wanted. Now in their 20's they both bought themselves Xbox consoles. I'll ask them why, but I bet they'll tell me that kid A has one.
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    Remember the X-Box when it first came out to challenge Sony and Nintendo and what people thought, and look where it ended up. Microsoft are in it for the long haul and may make mistakes, but learn very quickly.
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    For me, Windows is more useful than iOS, why?
    1. Support for LEGO Mindstorms NXT program development for Robotic Extracurricular,
    2. Better for practice for VB Application development in ICT class,
    3. Microsoft Office!

    P.S That makes me different from teenagers at my age, I don't use computers for entertainment, I use computers to study!
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    This is true, the Xbox is something that took the long haul to get to where it is, being the most sold console for almost two years in a row and selling 750,000 units when the PS3 or Wii didn't get close to that, just on Black Friday alone.

    Actually, speaking about what people want and iProducts, I read recently a survey that mentioned the Surface. Apparently, the Surface Pro was as desired as the ipad. And who wouldn't want it, best tablet PC out there. Pricy, but worthwhile.

    Maybe it's because of Windows 8, maybe the Surface tablets, maybe malaria, but seeing the Microsoft alternative to android phablet fails and a large ipod touch, those two don't peak any interest from me anymore. It's only a matter of time once people realize what they get from Windows 8 or RT tablets far outweighs what an iDevice has to offer. Honestly, just because it's something everyone has doesn't mean it's the greatest thing out there. You wouldn't jump off a bridge without a parachute because everyone and your mother were doing it, you'd want a parachute or walk away. I say posh to doing what everyone else does! Break the norm! Don't be a follower, the only great achievements and progress of man were when someone decided to break from the mainstream norm.

    As this is to why I use a Windows Phone and a parachute...
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    I think it's too late now for ms to get into the tablet market... just got my daughter a nexus 7 32gig for £200
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    In Perth West Aussie, take a casual walk thro any major shopping mall on any weekend and almost every young person has an Apple ifone hanging from their belt or on their ear. It's pandemic. Also ifone displays in smartfone shops far outweigh any other single brand; and in many shops all other brands combined.

    It's a fashion status icon.
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Report: Little demand for Microsoft's Surface RT tablet
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