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Are SSDs the new RAM for boosting system performance?

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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    It's aligned correctly, 4k and access times are low.
    Is the tablet SATA2?
    It's got the Intel controller, what RST version is it running?

    Jimbo, bottom of the page, below the donate button it says 'Download'.

    Click image for larger version
    Or 'Downloads' under the 'Navigation' box on the top left.

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    The Icon didn't show on my screen but I downloaded in the space below download.

    Didn't get a bad result -- was running this on a fairly modest laptop with only an I3 processor --still yielded acceptable result -- SAMSING 830 series SSD.

    Screenshots enc.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails download.png   ssd.png  
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    It's right down at the bottom of the page.
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    Click image for larger version

    and just picked up an ocz vertex 4 to replace a 64gb ssd i already had which has found a new home in my netbook...though doesn't really change it's performance sadly.

    in my win 7 install it capped at 7.9 in wei, think the read/write speeds can be improved on it as well just not sure how yet:/
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    Quote Originally Posted by DooRules View Post
    Probably the single best noticeable thing you can do to your system is install an ssd.

    In terms of reliability ssd wins hands down, no heat or moving parts.

    No one says you have to use one, but your loss if you do not.
    not true on the heat part of you're post, they in fact run hotter and there always on so don't run cooler if not used like spinners do.
    as I write this my ssd is at 30c and my 500gb hdd is 25c

    Quote Originally Posted by LovingWindows View Post
    I'll stick to my HDD thank you very much. Cold boot to start 2 seconds and all the programs I use load instantly, so why would I waste my money on an SSD when I get the same performance and higher storage space out of a HDD?
    you will never get the same performance out of an hdd that you will get out of an ssd and that is fact.
    even a clean installed os wont boot from cold boot to usable pc in 2s so one with installed programs definitely wont
    you clearly have not used one or you would have never posted you're statement
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    Both of my SSD's have 3 year warranties and run at ambient temps, no heat, noise or moving parts... I like that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    Both of my SSD's have 3 year warranties and run at ambient temps, no heat, noise or moving parts... I like that!
    well there is some everything that has an electric current going through it does.

    no noise and no moving parts, and the warranty period is longer than some current hdd's to hit the market of late, 3yr compared to some mech drives with 1yr.
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    I should have clarified that to say "no heat in excess of ambient temps". In other words, if it's in the 70's in the den/basement, the hard drive doesn't get any warmer than about 88 degrees... The older hard drives typically are at 105 degrees...
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    Ssd was the best upgrade i ever made with my nearly 3 year old pc. The speed improvement was night and day vs spinners with startup and ordinary use. With spinners i had to wait around 2 sec to access it again when it goes standby . Rams doesnt impact speed that much on daily home pc use. When i use revit photoshop etc then rams amount and speed would come into play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazz9496 View Post
    and just picked up an ocz vertex 4 to replace a 64gb ssd i already had which has found a new home in my netbook...though doesn't really change it's performance sadly.
    Of course it doesn't improve performance. the "real" benefit of an SSD is the ultra low random access times. This hasn't improved between new and old models of SSD. In benchmarks your overall throughput speed should increase a lot, but that doesn't usually amount to much from a tangible performance standpoint.
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Are SSDs the new RAM for boosting system performance?
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