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Windows 8 explores possibilities of adaptive, full 3D Wind interface

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    Windows 8 explores possibilities of adaptive, full 3D Wind interface

    Windows 7 isn't even halfway through its life cycle just yet, and here we have more news of Windows 8 - apparently, when it ships, there is a possibility of it featuring a radical revision of the interface for higher-end users.
    You might see the end of the Aero interface, which will be replaced by Wind alongside a fully 3D interface. The user interface itself will be entirely adaptive, where one is able to change icons, shortcuts and perhaps other elements to streamline day-to-day use.
    Of course, Windows 8 is tipped to be a resource hog as well with additional demand on memory, not to mention having to have at least 170MB of video memory. Looks like the next upgrade path you take will require you to dig deeper than normal into your savings.

    This news article reports unofficial and not confirmed, as a result of word of mouth. So rumors are circulating that it's worth, as well as could be false, may also prove true.

    Here is the news leaked, grouped into topics

    - The new Microsoft operating system will be 32-and 64-Bit. They denied rumors that claimed that it would be a 128-Bit.

    - Windows 8 will have two interfaces: the principal, whose code name is Wind, will be the evolution of Windows 7 Aero Peek. Wind will initially only supported by high-end notebook and desktop PCs with dedicated video card, as it will need about 170MB of video memory, but is working to try to reduce the consumption of resources. Wind will be used only on Windows 64-Bit and 8 to be fully 3D, but still work with a normal monitor.
    The other interface will not be in 3D and will focus on less powerful computers and will be the only interface available on Windows 32-Bit 8.

    - Wind in their two versions will be fully dynamic, able to adapt to the user's habits and operations in particular will have two types of dynamics: the first will create shortcuts when necessary and available in certain scenarios, speeding up certain tasks. The second adapts the interface of Windows 8 according to daily activities that we do with computers. Even the icons will be smart and automatically adapt to user needs.

    - The interface of Windows NT will be abandoned.

    - Windows 8 will have a new fast system hibernation: in 3-6 seconds will automatically save all open documents and running tasks. The new Microsoft operating system on your hard disk will not copy all the information in the RAM at the time of hibernation, but will save only the data needed to restore the PC sleeper.

    - Windows 8 intelligently manage the SSD, improving overall PC performance and minimize RAM usage. This will increase the longevity of sensitive solid state disks.
    Windows 8 Italia:

    Windows 8: News
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    nice info
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    Thanks for the info
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    Now this sounds like a good reason for a person to buy some new hardware, I love that. But I can hear the Boss now saying to me " get a haircut and get a real job old man" Can't wait to see what this Wind looks like. Thanks for the news. :ninja:
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    Since they plan to support ARM processors, they will be in direct competition with Anroid. A lot of the features they are talking about might be geared towards that market. Android Version 3 (Honeycomb) will have some of those features and ship in a few months. I think one can imagine some of the new stuff when looking at Android.
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Windows 8 explores possibilities of adaptive, full 3D Wind interface
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