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Samsung’s Windows 8 Ativ convertible grossly misrepresents

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    Samsung’s Windows 8 Ativ convertible grossly misrepresents

    Samsung’s Windows 8 Ativ convertible grossly misrepresents available storage

    Samsung’s Ativ 500T Windows 8 tablet-laptop convertible has a number of strong points — including Intel’s new dual-core Clover Trail Atom SoC — but storage capacity certainly isn’t one of them. According to the Ativ Smart PC’s box, it comes with 64GB of available storage. In reality, after you factor in all of cruft, crud, and bloatware, actual available storage is less than half of that.

    Gotta love OEM's and their bloatware.

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    if you want no bloatware, get it from the Microsoft Store. All PC's sold at the MS Store are completely clean with only Windows installed.
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    Well, it seems I might still be able to do some side hustling with tablet PCs!

    If I had said tablet, I would just do what Microsoft would do except a little more extreme. I'd back up, reformat, and install fresh free from OEM bloat. Why do you install Norton trials when Windows already has an anti-virus?! This is like painting a bucket of paint!

    Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T (500T1C) | Samsung Tablet PCs
    Now, I don't know about anyone else, but paying for a tablet PC that costs 750 dollars and is advertised as having a 64 gig HARD DRIVE, when we know it's not a hard drive but solid state storage and only HALF is available, I do call BS on this. Unlike the Surface RT tablet being claimed it only has 16 gigs available, the difference here is that the software preinstalled is of use, like Office 2013 along with the preinstalled apps. Unlike using Adobe Reader and having ALL the language packs installed for some curious reason and being almost 500 MBs, Office 2013 RT is about 625 MBs.

    I don't know, I really don't have much love to give Samsung these days with their apple debacle and revelations from it, as well as their lazy attempt at their Windows Phone 8, and just overall giving me the impression that they seem to be taking the lazy man/path of least resistance/somewhat questionable things route...
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    Gotta love OEM's and their bloatware.

    A Guy


    Got a story about that actually ... stay tuned, or tune in to the 'well, here we go' thread later.
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    Who makes surface for MS?
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Samsung’s Windows 8 Ativ convertible grossly misrepresents
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