From Mark Minasi (long-time Winodws guru/trainer)

Hi All --

For the past year, I've been skeptical about Windows 8, but on Launch Day last 26 October, I decided to dive in, upgrading my non-touchscreen laptop to Windows 8 Pro and taking delivery of a new Surface RT Tablet. The next day, I spent 13 hours in the air and in airline lounges, a grim-sounding day but in fact one that encouraged me to really get to know Win 8 (on my laptop) and Win RT (on the Surface). In fact, much of what I've been doing for the past four weeks has been using Windows 8 nearly nonstop and working on the Surface several hours a day... so I thought you'd like to hear what I've found out about Win 8, Win RT, and the Surface.

In this newsletter, I'll pass along what I've found in the hopes of saving you some time in making sense of Microsoft's latest desktop and its new tablet hardware. And trust me, I know what you're thinking when I say that Microsoft's selling tablet hardware. "New Microsoft hardware, Mark? So tell me... is it Zune-kind-of-hardware or Xbox-kind-of-hardware?" Lots of good news, bad news, and "why on earth did they..." stuff to tell you, so I hope you'll give it a look.
Newsletter #103: 28 Days Below the Surface:* Looking at Windows 8 RT on Microsoft's New Tablet