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Should Windows 8 users be worried about ransomware?

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    Should Windows 8 users be worried about ransomware?

    Does ransomware designed for Windows 7 and older versions of the OS work on the newly released Windows 8?

    Symantec researchers took it upon themselves to answer that question by testing a number of ransomware samples currently found in the wild on a in a default Windows 8 environment.

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    Hi there
    If people don't keep bootable CLEAN Images of their systems then I've no pity for them at all -- they get what they deserve.

    Backup programs are readily available now (the FREE ones could be sufficient) but even commercial ones don't cost much and people who don't backup their computer and data regularly should never be allowed to even SEE a computer much less USE one.

    I'm sure loads of people have HUGE music collections --imagine having to re-rip 1000's of CD,s / re-tag loads and loads of songs and even re-download music you obtained from say I-tunes or even Torrents.

    What's a small 45 USD program compared to having to do all this again. !!!

    A typical W8 system on even a modest laptop takes about 15 - 20 mins to image / restore to external disk -- always keep the OS and data partitions separate so if you have to re-install the OS or re-format the OS partition you don't lose data. You will if it's stored in the same partition.

    If you are lucky enough to have USB3 disks and ports then backup takes almost no time at all for backing up the OS.

    Just remind yourselves as well --even if you think Disks are reliable so I don't need backup -- the unforeseen can always happen -- recent floods / hurricane in N.Y / USA East cost bring back reminders to say nothing of getting burgled or 1001 other nasty surprises.

    I always have at least TWO backups available -- a small 2TB (2,000 GB) portable USB3 disk is well worth the money --these disks are just a bit larger and fatter than an Iphone and don't need any external power -- so VERY portable and quite cheap too. Ideal for bnacking up data / music / photos etc.

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Should Windows 8 users be worried about ransomware?
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