Following the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft started using the number for other Windows operating system spin-offs, and it appears that this might just be the birth of a trend for the Redmond company.

While the software giant has yet to announce the official labels for its forthcoming Windows platforms, fact is that there’s already information pointing to the fact that ‘8’ will end up replacing ‘7’ for the vast majority of upcoming OSes, if not for all.

While Microsoft will insist that the successor of Windows 7 is Windows vNext, there have already been company employees using the Windows 8 moniker to refer to the next iteration of the Windows client.

Of course, as it was the case with Windows 7 and Windows Server 7, the future versions of the Windows client and server are also developed in parallel.

Even Microsoft’s own have been using the Windows 8 client and Windows Server 8 brands, even though there’s no way of guaranteeing that these will be the final labels under which the two products will be commercialized.
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