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Bringing 'Minority Report' touchless gestures to Windows 8

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    Bringing 'Minority Report' touchless gestures to Windows 8

    A sort-of startup unveils ultrasound technology to enable gestures in the air, and hopes to get it into consumer electronic devices within the next year.

    Elliptic Labs wants to bring the touchless gesture controls seen in the science-fiction film "Minority Report" to everyday consumer electronic devices, starting with Windows 8.

    The company -- a Norwegian university spinout with offices in Oslo and Silicon Valley -- unveiled a set of tools to help consumer electronic companies enable touchless controls in their products. These would be similar to the kind of gesture controls seen with the Xbox 360 Kinect and in certain smart televisions like a few models from Samsung Electronics, but presumably would work more smoothly.

    That's because the Elliptic device won't use a camera like the Kinect or Samsung television. Instead, Elliptic's technology is based on ultrasound and employs multiple microphones in the device. The ultrasound technique has a much wider field of view, doesn't require lights, and is more responsive, according to Morhan Kjolebakken, product manager for the company.

    Read more at source:
    Bringing 'Minority Report' touchless gestures to Windows 8 | Cutting Edge - CNET News

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    My other half will be very happy when this happens... lol
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    Wow! As long as it works, *cough* kinect *cough*
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    I like it already, put me down for one and will it work on the other half.
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    Nice I often thought "what could be done with Kinect and a pc"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mctonale View Post
    Nice I often thought "what could be done with Kinect and a pc"?
    Oh yeah!
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    Kinect mouse breakthrough. Use Web, Windows & Angry Birds with precise 'Palm-Click & Drag' - YouTube

    wow very simplistic, I'd imagined... say.. trace with finger = move mouse, point = click, thumb and middle finger out and move hand up and down to scroll, grab gesture to "move" focussed window, spread fingers for maximise + pinch to minimise, swipe left and right = forward and back, up = maximise, down = close , suppose you would have to point then grab then pull down. There are loads more that I could think off... two handed gestures??

    Do these people have no imagination or is the technology really not that accurate?

    btw ty for
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Bringing 'Minority Report' touchless gestures to Windows 8
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