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Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

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    Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

    Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft executive in charge of Windows, has left the company.
    more at source..

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    I pay the drink to everyone, I told you they gone fire him...... now Microsoft will get us back what we want.

    Sinofsky is fired la la la la la

    condolences to ROBO, he just lost the Windows 8 father

    since the start I told you , Sinofsky was our problem this guy was living in a bubble ....Balmer first thing; put the dam start screen in a indows
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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    I pay the drink to everyone, I told you they gone fire him...... now Microsoft will get us back what we want.
    I don't think you get the picture completely Area.

    he took control of Windows 7 following the troubled Vista launch and continued this role through last month's Windows 8 launch. His official title was President of the Windows Division

    Sinofsky was responsible for Windows 7. His replacement is, in part, responsible for the design and development of Windows 8.

    By bringing a skateboard on stage during the launch, I think Sinofsky was sending a signal of his views.
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    Oh my. So are you implying that he did not agree with windows 8? This is bad news. Julie, ribbons? Nightmare! Anyway is there any insider information on the real reason he was let go? If he was responsible for windows 7 I am a fan.
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    The reasons why I think he left:

    1) he was a bit of a tyrant with the divisions that he ran. a lot of good people left under his reign. so maybe this is Microsoft's way of stopping the talent bleed that's been happening.

    2) the reason why Sinofsky rose to his level was he ran a very tight ship and demanded that deadlines be met no matter what. he came in after Vista and set the ship right with Windows 7 and 8. he finished with a serious revamp of the windows division, the office division, etc. maybe he's burned out as well.

    lots of articles in the past couple of years talking about his tyrannical ways:

    Meet the Next CEO of Microsoft: Steven Sinofsky Is the Heir Apparent

    excerpts (go to link for full text):

    He's also an extremely polarizing figure. Stubborn. Secretive. Dictatorial.
    Several people we spoke with for this article claim Sinofsky's influence and personality drove them out of the company. Another former employee called him a "cancer." Others used much ruder words than that. But even his biggest detractors admit he's brilliant when it comes to shipping complicated, high-quality software on a regular, predictable schedule.

    Eventually, the word trickled down: One former manager in the online group told us that he was required to read and understand Sinofsky's internal blog posts, and his team was expected to do things Sinofsky's way.

    Several former Microsoft people claim that Sinofsky's growing influence is a big reason many senior execs and engineers have left in the last three years - not because Steve Ballmer fired them for poor performance, and not because they disagreed over fine points of strategy.

    One said that computer engineers view coding as both an art and a science. A lot of them were pissed off at having somebody else dictate their art to them.

    Steven Sinofsky: Microsoft's controversial Mr. Windows 8 | Microsoft - CNET News

    excerpts (refer to link for full text):

    Two years ago, Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie was working on a file synchronization technology that would make stashing and grabbing pictures, documents, and music from any device a cinch.

    Ozzie, hand-picked by Microsoft co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates to succeed him as the corporate visionary, gathered a team of 50 or so employees to piece together the concept. Something of an industry legend, Ozzie was a co-creator of Lotus Notes, and he joined Microsoft in 2005 after the company bought his startup, Groove Networks. To hear Microsoft insiders tell it, Ozzie was stepping straight into one of the epic turf battles that have come to define the company over the years.

    Ozzie's vision -- part of an offering known as Windows Live Mesh -- became a threat to a different concept championed by Windows President Steven Sinofsky. His team was working on a similar feature for its SkyDrive Web storage service. The dispute, recounted by four current and former Microsoft executives, centered on Sinofsky's objection to the development of a service that ultimately might become part of Windows that he didn't control. Sinofsky took the fight to Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, arguing that relying on development of the service outside the Windows division could delay the next version of the operating system and undermine the company's flagship product.

    "Steve [Ballmer] made the decision to fold Windows Live Mesh into Steven [Sinofsky]'s organization, and Ray fought that pretty hard," a former executive said. Ozzie announced plans to leave Microsoft in October 2010, shortly after the decision.

    But Sinofsky's critics say he's elevated those battles to a new level, thriving by marginalizing rivals while running the company's most profitable businesses, Windows and Office. Along the way, he's created a rigid product development process that puts more control in his hands and, those critics say, diminish the ability to innovate at Microsoft.

    The Sinofsky Way

    "You are told what to do now," said a current Microsoft executive. "It puts more directional control in the hands of the leadership."

    One former senior executive referred to the approach as "Soviet central-planning." In a blog post quoted in "One Strategy," Sinofsky acknowledged that the organizational model is "controversial" but said it was a necessary structure to ensure workers could focus on their areas of expertise to meet product planning goals.

    Sinofsky has also made plain his distaste for skunkwork operations, where small teams are created outside of organizational structures to gin up entirely new concepts. Microsoft created just such an team in the late 1990s to work on video gaming technology that ultimately became its successful Xbox entertainment franchise, which generated $1.3 billion in operating income on $8.9 billion in revenue in the fiscal year that ended June 30. Microsoft also set up Pioneer Studios, a group that worked on an ill-fated tablet device that might have debuted about the same time as Apple's original iPad had it not run into staunch opposition from Sinofsky.

    What's more, many of the would-be rivals for the job, senior executives who have also run the biggest Microsoft groups, have left the company in recent years. Jeff Raikes, who ran the Office group and Microsoft's sales operation, is now chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Robbie Bach, who led Microsoft's entertainment division, retired. Kevin Johnson, who led the Windows division and Microsoft's sales force, is now chief executive of Juniper Networks. And J Allard, a younger leader who launched the Xbox business and led the skunkworks tablet concept Sinofsky opposed, left the company in 2010.
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    No it was Sinofsky the big boss in charge of Windows 7 and after 8, Larson-Green just design the interface, but it was the idea of Sinofsky, Sinofsky as always been the image of Windows 8, Balmer get enough of him, especially that surface don't sell well.
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    Sigh I will always miss The Microsoft Courier and Zune. Love both products.
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    Well then, that escalated quickly!

    Read through The Verge article about this, and it cites that inside sources at Microsoft say it was due to personality clashes within the hierarchy. Like dirtvu said, Sinofsky's a polarizing guy that is much akin to steve jobs. If something didn't float his boat, he'd sink that person's battleship. I've also read that he was really against getting product integration in Windows, like Xbox Music and the such. In the whole scheme of things, the goal of Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox is to have ALL of these different platforms work together and be built together and be built for each other, meaning things will be cross-platform. That's the whole point of the whole upheaval with Microsoft, they're building a great ecosystem no one else has, and if someone high up is stopping that from happening they will have to be pushed aside.

    I have to wonder though, if Sinofsky resigned, or if Ballmer fired him. I place by bets on him resigning voluntarily as any tight wad gets burnt out, especially after getting something like Windows 8 out on time. I don't think Ballmer fired him as he doesn't strike me as someone that has guts to make the move unless being pushed into it. Take Courier for example, the decision to kill it was left to Bill Gates as Ballmer couldn't decide. To Gates, it didn't fit well with other products and didn't email. Actually, that was the main thing, it didn't email. It was just a digital notebook. Seems cool, but a tad pointless when OneNote and any other tablet does the trick.

    By the way area 66, thanks for your condolences although they're not needed. The TRUE forefather of Windows 8 and the metro design that was eventually implemented into Windows 8 is really Joe Belfiore, I believe the top manager of Windows Phone and I also believe the original creator of the Zune.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but the woman responsible for the Ribbon UI should have parade thrown in her honor! Best UI model ever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I don't know about anyone else, but the woman responsible for the Ribbon UI should have parade thrown in her honor! Best UI model ever!
    A Big One =D
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Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft
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