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Windows 8 (Windows vNext) Riskiest Product Bet for Microsoft

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    Windows 8 (Windows vNext) Riskiest Product Bet for Microsoft

    Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer is considering the next version of Windows as the riskiest product bet by the Redmond company, according to a Mary-Jo Foley report.

    Windows 8, or Windows vNext as Microsoft would prefer it, is for the most part a great unknown.

    In the post-Longhorn/Vista era, the software giant is extremely careful with the details it shares about Windows operating systems still in planning or in development.

    The public should expect Windows 8 to be treated no differently from Windows 7, and some might still recall that Microsoft only started revealing information on the successor of Windows Vista quite late in the development process, when the feature set was all but set in stone.

    However, every once in a while, there are glimpses into what exactly is coming, and the small comment from Steve Ballmer is exactly this.

    Ballmer is not discussing a roadmap, features, capabilities, etc., he’s simply stating that out of all Microsoft products planned over the next years, Windows 8 is the riskiest bet.
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    Windows 8 (Windows vNext) Riskiest Product Bet for Microsoft - Softpedia

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    "Could this mean that Windows 8 will be a revolutionary operating system? Well, Microsoft would certainly need it."

    I don't get it: It has been suggested that MS is going cloud based and there are people clamoring how great this is going to be, to have everything and everyone interconnected, BUT, #1: I now have physical control over the applications I buy, either on a pyhsical disc or hard drive and am free to take them with me, if need be to wherever I go. If it is cloud based than it is physically out there somewhere on something that I don't own and I could at some point be locked out, let's say by a ransomware virus. Which brings me to pont #2: If I am working on a extremely important Powerpoint presentation that will let me keep my job and the infrastructure goes down between me and the cloud then I will no longer be able to work on it offline as the application is elsewhere, in the cloud, and I lose my job.
    What I am trying to say is that you are going to give up control of something you own to third parties and are now subject to their desires and whims evan more and you know that big brother is going to want absolute access as they did with fibre optics infrastucture.
    For me, absolutly not for cloud based but when it comes to MS, my opinion does't matter. Just food for thought.
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    Cloud based applications will be directed more at the business community not the private sector. There's even discussion of W8 having a push button option for a full system restoration feature that works on the idea of a repair install by preserving the user files and settings. That's one of things mentioned in another similar article.

    Ballmer: Riskiest product bet by Microsoft is the 'next release of Windows'

    By Mary Jo Foley
    October 21, 2010, 12:20pm PDT

    When you’re in the on-stage interview hot seat, sometimes you may say things you regret. And sometimes you speak the truth.

    My ZDNet colleague Larry Dignan covered Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer’s hot-seat appearance this morning at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando. While Dignan keyed in on Ballmer’s pronouncements and avoidances around slates and tablets, I noticed right off Ballmer’s answer to Gartner’s question about risky bets.

    From Dignan’s account, Gartner analyst John Pescatore was doing a free-word-association style interview at the end of his Ballmer Q&A. Pescatore asked Ballmer what he considered to be Microsoft’s “riskiest product bet.”

    I’d have thought he might say Windows Phone 7. Or maybe Bing. Or even Office Web Apps. But Ballmer’s answer? “The next version of Windows.”

    OK. This could be more of the hype we heard rumored earlier this year when the “Windows vNext” rumors began going around. There were reports that the next release of Windows — which most of us out here call Windows 8 — would be revolutionary, not evolutionary.
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Windows 8 (Windows vNext) Riskiest Product Bet for Microsoft
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