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What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

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    What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

    One thing that’s fascinating about HSN is that it’s a community made up of people who are very different from the tech bloggers and gadget addicts that tend to hang around places like this.

    Hipsters and techies might scoff at HSN, whose habitués are about as far as you can get from Silicon Valley and Williamsburg when it comes to tech and design sophistication, but HSN shoppers buy a lot of technology. And because they’re a community, they love to leave reviews. It is no accident that every HSN listing for a Windows 8 PC has a Pinterest button alongside the Facebook Like and Tweet This buttons.

    So I was particularly eager to read the first reactions to these new devices from, for lack of a better word, normal people.

    Do any normal people post here?

    A Guy

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    If we were, we'd be out living our lives, not sitting here stressing over an OS....
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    I haven't found one poll anywhere - including this site - where 8 cracks 50% favorability, and here's yet another example from Bott.

    Loved - 21%
    Liked - 21%
    Jury Out - 19%
    Hated Hardware - 21%
    Hated Period - 14%

    That doesn't add up to 100, and the Hated Hardware category seemed odd to me.

    None of the reviews that I sorted into this group had a bad word to say about Windows 8.
    Fine, but you didn't mention if the Hated Hardware People said they liked it, were indifferent to it, etc. Rather see a much more extensive poll, and I know Bott said he was just doing this for the heck of it, but to get a truly accurate picture this ain't it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post

    If we were, we'd be out living our lives, not sitting here stressing over an OS....
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    Actually, the whole metro design concept is more hipster than a hipster typing a review of an iDevice on their type writer in the park. Seriously, my Windows Phone is a hipster.
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    It doesn't matter what "normal" people think. normal people get a new OS with a new PC or tablet and then get whatever is on there. And unless they are professionals using specific software (i.e. CAD, quickbooks) don't even care or know if it is windows.
    - 99% of users keep the same OS till the PC dies
    - 99% of the users think windows is the PC brand
    - 99% of the users that know windows is the OS (they don't know what an OS actually does, though), don't know the version. If someone re-arranges their familiar desktop links, they think it is a new OS
    - 99% of the users couldn't even uninstall a program, or find the desktop icon of the software. If it disappears from the desktop, they think they don't have that software anymore.
    - 99% of users buy a new PC and just make sure at Bestbuy that it also can do "facebook and email"

    Don't even come with desktop mode or Metro, or registry or CMD... if you mention "file type", they think you are a nuclear scientist.
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    Do any normal people post here?
    Who me? I've been a rebel (some would choose other words ) since the day I came out of the womb.
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    Today , a customer with a very corrupted Vista, ask me if I can Install the new Windows 8, I make it try and after 2 minutes I sold him a Windows 7 + install fees. I have this customer since 15 years, he is living for pass all the Winter in Florida, in no way I will have left him on his own with Windows 8. I also invest today and order a box of 50 Windows 7 OEM, so I'm ready for the other one who will need it.
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    Only old long-hair hippie types are normal. Their souls have been psycodelicized.

    I'm wondering what age category these HSN shoppers are?

    And I'm wondering how our own poll thread "Will you upgrade" is doing? I'll have to check.
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    My own, unscientific poll....

    I have two machines running Windows 7 in our house with a couple of laptops all running Win 7. I installed Windows 8 on one machine and had my wife and six kids, ranging from 6-18 try it out for a week. Needless to say, I formatted the drive and restored my Windows 7 image and am now back to running Windows 7.

    After the brief experiment, no one wanted to continue using Windows 8. The 6-year old can't read well yet as he just started school this year but he does know how to get where he wants on Windows 7 from changing from the parents account to the kids account, fire up explorer or Chrome, pull down his favorites and get to PBS Kids or his other bookmarks. The others, one in 7th grade, one freshman, one junior and one senior in high school plus my oldest in his first year in college all did not care for the experience as they questioned why you had two seemingly separate systems running what appears to be similar programs when you could just do everything from the desktop that they wanted (placed the desktop tile as the top tile and they all would just click that and use the desktop mode, probably should have hidden it and made them try the tiles but I don't care for the tiles experience either).

    They considered the Metro screen more of a nuisance on a desktop. My oldest is very computer literate and is planning on pursuing a career in the IT field and he told me I could download Windows 8, as the laptop was purchased during the free upgrade period, but that he did not want Windows 8 on his laptop.

    I was excited to try Windows 8 out as I build my own systems, have spent a lot of time rooting/flashing ROM's on my Nexus, and Galaxy S3, etc. so I love new technology and trying things out but Windows 8 just does not appeal to the engineer side of me as on the face of it you are provided with what looks like something new and inviting, but really just seems to force you to do things how someone else wants you to do it, that I wondered why. I realize that with anything new there is a learning curve but in this case, I don't see where the apparent benefit is over Windows 7 on a desktop. In time, I may give it another go since there are some under-the-hood benefits to Win 8 and I already have the download copy from the laptop and also picked up a copy from Staples for $39.99 but plan on waiting until I learn more and figure out how to best make it work for my home, if at all.

    If I just ignored the tiles and went straight to the desktop, then why upgrade?

    Just my short experience.
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What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?
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