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What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    I am completely abnormal so my opinion is no good

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    I've asked my "normal" side (sounds normal to me) and he said that "Win8 works well no matter the look, we have two choices: we will adapt and use it as is, or not.

    And now, at least on one pc, Win8 works well with all its new look and feel.

    Vista and Seven are still on older machines.

    The new look is pretty nice, I use it for the new functionality but I've repeated that in a couple other threads as well.

    Who cares who likes it or not? We'll see how it evolves in the future.
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    good point hopachi, i think as long as metro evolves in a good direction that includes desktop users and multiscreen support and such then it could have a bright future.

    microsoft really need to add some depth to it for the different platforms it will be used on, and the future possibilities that tablets like the surface pro will be able to do make the lack of some functions kind of odd.

    for example you could use your surface pro for a presentation but not the app version because it won't open on a second screens while allowing the operator to change things on the tablet and open up another apps at the same time.

    what is a minor function in reality could make the difference for the people that are likely to buy that tablet for work usage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgraae View Post
    I have commented here and received very professional answers. However, I love 7 and will not upgrade, ever, until I can boot up and have my old desktop come up as it now does with 7. I don't want to have to press "enter" or anything else.
    Easy Peasy: How to skip Start Screen natively without using any third-party tool

    It's so simple, and it just works. No manual tweaking in the Registry. Just run it once, and you're done.
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    I'm waiting for the windows 8 sp1. I'm sure they'll add some windows 7 type funtionality before they loose there market.
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    I like Windows 8 and think it is easier than vista and 7 were.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Newbie here But I thought I would give my Input as it may be of assistance to someone else considering Windows 8.

    My Wifes Sony Vaio Desktop died a few weeks ago, so I bought her a new one ( Sony Vaio ). I had it for 2 weeks, had to reset the system twice due to losing "Right click to open folders function" on the desktop ( For no apparent reason but probably due to some installed software incompatibilty ) and then complete OS Corruption after performing a SONY "Maintenance" function. Then it went back to the shop. ( I've since managed to acquire an old MoBo and repaired her original one )

    Basically it did not do what it said on the tin.

    I wasted 2 CDs making backups of the OS which would not boot. The Backup made to my external HDD would not restore.
    Also there is no way of verifying the integrity of a backup. (Unless someone can tell me differently.)
    You cannot use Acronis True Image to boot from as it reports an error due to the UEFI boot system. Apparently it is because you are trying to boot using a NON MICROSOFT signed software agent. Surely that has to be somewhat illegal and if it isn't then in my humble opinion it ought to be. Maybe the new Acronis 2013 can overcome this but that is another expense. Oh I found a way to boot Acronis by changing the Boot from UEFI to Legacy, but that was the last I saw of the system because it is impossible for the ordinary end user to get back into the BIOS to change it back and you then get error messages saying "Cannot find NTLDR." when trying to boot the system again.

    I installed the "SourceForge" start button because I certainly missed it. The touch screen was nice for zooming internet pages and the PC was faster than the old one. Video conversions were quicker and quieter but you should expect that with a quad processor. That is down to the computer mainly and not the Software.

    The Metro page has its Positives and its negatives. Hiding the power button in the Metro page is a rubbish Idea, but the help facility is very good in my opinion

    Sorry Guys and Girls, I think Windows 8 absolutely Stinks and I will not go there again. Each to his/her own but for me it is a strict NOGO area until they do something about the software. As previously stated, I had the PC for 2 weeks and did not get one days useful work out of it due to the Software.
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    Windows 8

    I think this is not about what's normal now but what normal will become and Microsoft realise that.

    At the moment, users are still primarly using desktops. Those that have tablets are using iOS (or Android in some cases). But as has been shown with mobile phones, tech will change and the desktop will no longer be the norm. Microsoft have prepared for that somewhat to the detriment of laptops and, particularly, the desktop PC where navigation from the Start menu is perhaps more natural.

    As touch and gesture hardware becomes the norm (and I'm thinking XBOX with Kinect and LeapMotion here) Windows 8 will shine but with 90+% of the Windows market still on what could be called "legacy" hardware (certainly as far as Windows 8 is concerned) there will be many dissenting voices.

    But lets not cloud our judgement because we're still stuck on the desktop/laptop form factor. Windows 8 is and will be a fantastic operating system that you would be wise to get to know right now.
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    Gordon, I have to say that you really had an unusual sequence of bad luck. I am not going to use Windows 8 myself because the nearly one year of testing it convinced me that it is not for me. But the problems you had are not normal. I found that even the pre-versions were very stable. I would ask Sony or the shop where you bought the PC to give you another installation disc.
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    Hello, Gordon. Welcome to EightForums. Thanks for your post and evaluation, but not sure if I should say goodbye or not?

    We all know from past experience that any new OS can stretch our patience for sure. With every release it seems to have gotten better, but they are never perfect. Also, what loads on one machine and runs fine doesn't seem to run on another. As you probably know software is fickle that way. And not only the OS, but other added programs as well.

    Liking or disliking 8 or the direction MS is heading with is one thing, but I'm confused as to your final outcome for the reason of instability or flaws. Was it 8 or was it what I perceive to be crapware on an OEM machine that caused some or most of the problems?

    As you can see by my specs that I'm running 8 on a fairly older Acer tower. From RP to Enterprise Evaluation without much trouble at all. A few minor glitches that I was able to fix quickly. Too few to mention as compared to others having major problems here. Perhaps I'm lucky or perhaps I'm careful as to read tutorials as how to load and maintain software. Probably the combination of the two?

    I think another great benefactor for me is that I stripped out the Acer partition and their crapware preloaded on it. It came with Vista of which I had much trouble with. It got to the point that it seemed I was fixing it more than using it. This is when I decided to strip out the crap. It calmed down a lot, but I continued to have some problems. I didn't think twice on purchasing 7 when released. That OS was heaven sent so far as I'm concerned! I also maxed out my memory during the 7 days, which made a big difference. I was amazed at the new speed to say the least.

    What is even more amazing to me was how much faster 8 runs on it. Far less of a resource hog IMO.

    IMHO by my personal experience and reading up on other's problems, I think most of your problems stemmed from OEM crapware. I'm not a big fan of it for sure.

    I may be wrong. I know it's to each their own. Good luck to you. And again, welcome. Or is it goodbye?
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What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?
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