Over the next few weeks, we’re going to have several series that cover our point of view on some of the biggest investments we made in Internet Explorer 9 Beta and how partners are already taking advantage of them in the beta phase.  This week, we’ll be talking about the concept that a browser should be “all around fast”.

When you talk to customers, there are many things they consider important when browsing the web.  One of the things that comes up most frequently is speed. They want their browser to be fast, just like the applications on their PC.  In Internet Explorer 9, being all around fast means the sites you care about the most feel like native applications to your PC.  So how do we think about tackling a challenge like speed?

Getting Internet Explorer 9 to be fast took a lot of engineering smarts.  The video below is a quick overview by our engineering team of the performance improvements they’ve made in Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

The video talks about a number of concepts, from faster JavaScript to full hardware acceleration.  Later this week, we’ll take a closer look at these concepts, showcased through some of the great sites that feel like native apps on IE9.

But for a teaser, watch this side-by-side comparison of some of our demos at IE Test Drive to see IE9 in action.

What does our performance work mean?

You can feel the result of our performance improvements in your everyday browsing with Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Pages load and respond nearly instantly.  The rich and immersive HTML5 web experiences you find on the Beauty of the Web site run beautifully on a browser architected from the ground up to be all-around fast.

Later this week, we’ll be talking to a web site developer about the difference our performance work is making to the sites they are able to build.