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    For desktop users who manage files and do creative things, the start menu is very efficient and ergonomic .

    I use it a lot. I do have a number of things on the taskbar - the start menu allows several more to be pinned - and a flyout menu to navigate all my drives - and a useful recent items list - and less used programs are neatly tucked in there - and access to control panel , shutdown, etc. All in one small neat place which minimises hand movement.

    Those suffering the limitations of a touch only device can't benefit from that. They need big simple squares to jab at. The start screen is fine for them.

    This is allegedly an o/s for both tablets and desktops - so why aren't they both included?

    The same reason MS don't want you to boot direct to desktop.

    They want to shove the start screen at you as much as they can.

    The purpose is to get you to online - not just to the app store - but the whole range of online services, which they will introducing subscription charges for.

    Even their close partner Samsung is including their own start menu - because they know a huge number of their customers want it

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    MS wants people to see the start screen when they have Windows 8, they want consistency and want people to see the new way they have envisioned it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    The purpose is to get you to online - not just to the app store - but the whole range of online services, which they will introducing subscription charges for.
    Since you repeat this with every post you should just put it as your signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows
    You've answered my main point, you yourself say Metro is easier to clear and arrange and faster and you originally said you didn't like it, what's not to like.
    No I don't like it because I don't use a computer like those who may like it. I mean you can like it if you use your computer for what Metro was designed for. I imagine the same use as a smartphone... or if your tasks are limited in number and variation.
    And not only did I say I don't like it, I said it a wrong concept on a PC. Full screen, hiding the taskbar, huge tiles etc... Maybe the concept of easy-access tiles and active tiles was good, but not splashing full screen, not on a separate space visualy and technicaly.
    StartDock (who produces Start8) did something interresting: They offer an option to show the Start Screen on a portion of the screen. IMO, MS should have started with something like this.
    They forgot that a PC is a multi-task, multi-windows, multi-store environement. You can't run a software which has no option but running full screen on a PC. Even the Start Screen.
    Windows is 3D. On your screen you have items closer to you and others farther or out of direct reach. I have 3 windows open at the moment. They are all positioned in a 3D volume easy to figure out. Even when one porgram is running full screen, I know where the others are behind it.
    Suddenly W8/Metro is going 2D. It's not by chance or by taste that they designed the new look, "without chrome", without bricks should one say. Without shadows and glears. It's because Metro is also 2D as a workspace. Everything is left or right. Everything slides on one side or another. Not behind one another. That's the way it goes on tiny screens, where resizing makes no sens. On a PC it's a mistake.
    Removing one dimension, 3D to 2D, is a big mistake. Because it removes something which is natural to humans. Our real life is 3D, not 2D. It doesn't make work easier. It defeats the advantage of using a PC. ...maybe that's what they want...?
    Quote Originally Posted by Robr
    But using the Start Menu to find programs has never been fast because poeple never learn how to arrange it to work with it efficiently.
    Poeple almost never rearrange their Start Menu. I did. All other PC owners I know didn't. I don't know a single person who did but me. And that's the reason why it seems not easy to use. But when it's well arranged with all items sorted by your own classification, it becomes a pleasure to use.
    Metro is perhaps faster to use, but as I said, only for the 4 or 5 delimited tasks you do 99% of the time, and if these tasks are for entertaining. Enter variation, enter professional work, enter multi-use, multi-media, multi-task, multi-formats, multi-everything and Metro is obsolete. Desktop is king again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows
    i thought everyone missed the start menu because it takes so long to find a programme, whereas in Metro it's just bang and you're there. I suppose people just miss rummaging through all the menus and stuff.
    No, we miss the Start Menu because we used to find the Control Panel and the Shut Down button there, to name only two things. Later on MS released an update of the customer preview with an erzats of Start Menu containing some useful features.
    But using the Start Menu to find programs has never been fast because poeple never learn how to arrange it to work with it efficiently. But you have the same problem with Metro. If you let it as is and never tide it up, it become as much a mess as any other Start Menu. Metro Start Screen is maybe easier to clear and arrange, and faster. But it's also a different thing. The Start Menu has never been used on a daily basis. It was just to find stuffs not present on the Desktop and rarely used.
    well..if you using W8 on a desktop machine....just place mouse in left corner and you'll see start menu....

    right click and you'll see control panel and a menu of other things your use to with W7 start menu!!!
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    what a shocking news
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    I just moved my mouse to the left most corner of my desk and nothing happened?
    If I move it any father its going to fall off of my desk.

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4 Million Windows 8 Copies Since Launch
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