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Microsoft Design Language: The newest way to refer to "Metro"

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    Microsoft Design Language: The newest way to refer to "Metro"

    Microsoft published to the Web the session and speaker list for its Build 2012 developer conference, a day before the show is set to kick off in Redmond.
    The biggest revelation I've seen from the newly published information so far is that Microsoft officials are now using "Microsoft Design Language" as the newest way to refer to the design language and tiled style formerly known as "Metro."
    I had a number of my Twitter chums tell me in the past couple of weeks that Microsoft was now using "Microsoft Design Language" as the replacement for Metro, but a Microsoft spokesperson would not confirm, when I asked, that this was the official new lingo. (I believe Brent Schooley was the first to tell me Microsoft Design Language was the final replacement on which the Softies had decided.) I guess Microsoft's use of it on the Build 2012 site is as close as we'll get to an "official" confirmation.
    Microsoft Design Language seems to be the way to refer to the look and feel/UX, but it isn't the replacement for what formerly was known as "Metro-Style" -- meaning applications built around the WinRT application programming interface (API). Metro-Style's replacement is "Windows Store," as in "Netflix has built a Windows Store app for Windows 8."
    Read more: Microsoft Design Language: The newest official way to refer to 'Metro' | ZDNet

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    Or, let's just call it Metro. I don't get it, some German walmart equivalent says that they don't like Microsoft using part of their trademark name to describe a design language. You can't patent words, I guess.

    I call BS as there HAS to be something we're not being told here because some German company can't honestly make Microsoft stop using that word. It's everywhere!
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    We have grocery stores here in canada called metro also.
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    And to think we though only Apple would have this problem with grocery stores...
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    Maybe they want(ed) to abandon Metro because of any stigma or bad image associated with it from reviewers.
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    All they've done is make it more confusing.

    They really should be thinking of a name that applies well to an OS, so when they abandon Desktop they can stop calling it "Microsoft Windows OS" but instead "Microsoft Metro OS" or something

    Hopefully not "Microsoft Tablet OS" as that can still be confusing.

    I seriously think Microsoft should restructure their branding department.
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    Metro was a good name. They really need a new branding/marketing department. What is up with all these ridiculous names they come up with. Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pyrate View Post
    We have grocery stores here in canada called metro also.

    lol, you are from Quebec, Metro for us means the subway in Montreal.

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    You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.
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    Ya, but it's a pretty pig
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Microsoft Design Language: The newest way to refer to "Metro"
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