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In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

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    In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

    For all the Microsoft and Windows 8 hating going on, I like Windows 8. I think it's innovative and very cool--to use the vernacular. Windows 8 is what we've really been waiting for on mobile devices. And, it's what we've waited for on business desktops as well. It has features of Mac OS X, Linux and other Windows versions. It was brilliant of Microsoft to take the best bits from all of its competitor OSs, refine them and put them into Windows 8. You have to love that. You have to applaud it. I don't care who you are or which OS you're clinging to, Windows 8 is the future and you'd better embrace it or be left out in the cold with the Dodo bird.I don't know exactly why it is but people seem to resist change, even when it's good. It must be a human nature thing. I fell prey to it as well. I hated Windows 8 at first. But, I was converted after trying it. I'm one of the people who went from, "Windows 8 sucks" to "Windows 8 is cool."
    I know there's a lot of hate going on here and elsewhere but maybe negative commentary is somehow more popular than positive. I don't care which it is. I speak my mind regardless of what everyone else is doing. And, I have the technical background to back up my likes and dislikes. That's the difference in those who are Technology Journalists and those who are technology workers who are also journalists.
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    Yes, W8 (bypassing Metro) is a good OS. Yet I don't know at this point of evolution if one can tell that they love or hate a Windows OS. What you love is your settings, your desktop arrangement, your theme of choice, the softwares you use with it.
    It's like saying "I love this new gasoline!" because it gives some barely noticeable additional mileage. Ok, but the car you'r are using if far more relevant in term of hate/love and efficiency and functionality.
    You can give me any OS from W98 to W8 and set I'll set it up the way I love and have all of them pretty much the same the way they look and the way I use them. In fact I even don't care which OS I use because from the very first day of use I reinstall all the settings and softwares presents on the other OS and I don't see much difference.
    Give me the OS you love best (say W8) and I'll set it up the way you hate it. Give me the OS I hate the most (actualy XP) and I'll set it up the way I can like it.
    With some stretch, you can judge an OS from the way Microsoft gives it to you out of the box. But with me this state disapears within minutes of installation. So it's quiet irrelevant.
    I don't understand what they mean by loe and hate of an OS. You can love or hate feature (Metro is a feature, not the OS). You can hate or be indifferent to (rarely love) a feature removed (the Start Menu), but unless there is realy no solution to get it back, it's irrelevant too. If someone wants the (classsic) Start Menu, he/she can get it for free and still love W8.
    I said that, Metro nothwithstanding! I discard Metro. I hate Metro for everything it represents and will resist (change to moe to) Metro until my last breath. And I maintain it will be biggest flop since BoB.
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    I think if folks would take a step back and look at what Microsoft is trying to do with Windows 8 they might understand it a little better.

    Up to now, Windows has lived in the domain of PCs: desktop, laptop, netbook, whatever. Yeah, they've had Windows Mobile for phones and assorted tablet PC versions of the OS, but for the most part the modern tablets and smart phones do not behave the way Windows-on-a-PC does.

    Enter Windows 8 with its new Start screen. Out of the box, it can't be missed. It's completely new, but it behaves much like a tablet OS: touch it, drag it, move it with your fingers instead of a mouse. It goes where you do, in tablet form, and acts like a tablet OS when it runs on a tablet device.

    Users are moving away from laptops and dekstops to truly "on the go" devices. I think that's what Microsoft realizes. Windows 8 says "I can live anywhere, and I will look the same in whatever place you have me." You can run it on a powerful desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone. It will look and feel much the same wherever it is.

    Lest I seem biased, I will outright tell you that I don't plan to run Windows 8 as my primary OS. I do not "hate" or "love" it, and in fact it's growing on me, but I will keep using my Windows 7 PC installations for the immediate future. Maybe someday I'll swithc to it, but not right now. I have it installed on a VM and I'll keep using it that way. I happen to like how my Windows 7 installation looks and runs right now, and I have no need to upgrade just because I can.
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    It is a matter of taste. . .some will go with the flow and act like parrots, well others while just set back, and say whatever. Win 8 is a good OS as was XP, Win 2000, and other OS MS has put together so take your pick and enjoy the pick you made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 8
    I can live anywhere, and I will look the same in whatever place you have me
    You can do whatever you want, the PC monitor on your desk will never look, let alone feel like a smartphone or even the largest laptop available on the same desk.
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    I wasn't a fan of metro ( modern ) interface but I am getting used to it . Windows 8 is certainly faster than windows 7. I feel the difference.
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    Faster! For sure. I've even noticed the difference in terms of faster file copying and faster loading of programs. And that was from an upgrade. The whole thing for Metro for me is to be the point of call for doing the basic of tasks, such as reading the latest news, tweeting and Facebook messaging. I love the fact that I can do that through Metro and not have to worry about visiting the websites on the desktop. I always like to see the current up to date information in regards to weather and other updates. To me it's splitting the basic stuff that you do for browsing in a whole separate world and I like that. Means that I can go to the desktop to do serious business.
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    I'm using it with the Classic Shell and Windows 8 overall, is pretty good.
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    windows 8

    all you need is time bro, sooner or later you will enjoy live without windows 7 start button ( i hope so)
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    I think it's great too. I seriously begin to doubt much of the "informed" criticism after using it for a few days. Yes, some things I'm not sure about but I'll get used to it. That Firefox doesn't work properly with it is a mystery, and strange they don't seem to have made much of an effort either (considering they've made no effort on a 64 bit one either for years is an even bigger mystery) but I like Win8. Esp as I got it even cheaper at £14.99.
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In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8
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