The Mac Mojo team announced today that Office for Mac 2011 will be available starting October 26, and starting today, September 28, preorders can be placed on

Microsoft officials presented some two previously secret features that will now be a part of Office for Mac 2011 suite.

One of them is called Dynamic Reorder and it has the largest visual impact on the user, because it gives you the capacity to re-order, in an interactive way, all of the layers in a document or in a presentation.

Besides being a very useful feature as it gives you visual on the final result, it is also a fun experience.

The second previously undisclosed feature is Full Screen View, a part of the Word 2011, which is actually a view which includes two other views: one optimized for writing and one for reading.

The novelty is that it allows the user to block out the distractions and focus completely on writing or on reading.

For this suite, performance was a major concern and improving it was the top priority of the developers.

The result very fast-launching applications and an overall rapidity throughout the apps.

Microsoft released to manufacturing Office 2011 on September 10, and three version are programmed for launch: Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 (available only via authorized academic stores), Office for Mac Home & Business 2011 and Office for Mac Academic 2011.

Prices should range from $99 to $279, depending on the SKU (version) and number of installs allowed.

Mac Office 2011 replaces Entourage with Outlook and adds Visual Basic for Applications support.

It also gets a user interface similar to the one built into the recent Windows versions of Office, and will be a 32-bit product only.

The suite includes Office Web Apps, the 'Webified' versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
Source: Office for Mac 2011 Will Be Available October 26 - Softpedia