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Microsoft Salutes the FCC Super Wi-Fi Approval

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    Microsoft Salutes the FCC Super Wi-Fi Approval

    Microsoft stated in a press release that it “applauds Federal Communications Commission’s ruling to realize the potential of Super Wi-Fi”.

    Yesterday, the FCC voted unanimously for the approval of the use of white spaces, the unused broadcast spectrum in TV frequencies, for unlicensed data.

    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated that “compared to the airwaves we released for unlicensed use in 1985, this 'white spaces' spectrum is far more robust -- traveling longer distances and through walls, making the potential for this unlicensed spectrum much greater,” reports.

    And everybody knows what the first application will be, Super Wi-Fi – like the name says, longer ranged, faster and more reliable Wi-Fi.

    Microsoft's research department has been working on White-Fi systems that can broadcast at over 1km away and has been testing it in its Redmond campus.

    As for this FCC ruling, Craig Mundie, the company's chief research and strategy officer, stated that “as more people access information via mobile and other intelligent devices, additional strain is being put on existing wireless networks.

    “Microsoft appreciates the hard work by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the other FCC Commissioners and Congress leading up to this vote.

    “Their action will deliver greater broadband connectivity to consumers, and promote growth and investment in a new generation of wireless broadband technologies.”

    Mundie added that this is “a forward-looking view of how to optimize spectrum allocation by capitalizing on evolving technologies, and as a result, technology companies will be able to develop new applications that tap into the potential of white spaces networks.

    “On Microsoft's own campus in Redmond, WA, a prototype 'White-Fi' system delivers more economical broadband Internet access for employees traveling between buildings on the campus.

    “The FCC's decision will create opportunities for American companies to remain at the forefront of technological innovation,” he added.

    For a while now, there have been people with a vision of a broad wireless network that would envelop and entire city or community, and this FCC's decision took us one step closer to that.
    Source: Microsoft Salutes the FCC Super Wi-Fi Approval - Softpedia

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    Quite interesting ... this model has been very successful with "cell phones" in areas where stringing cable is never going to happen. Wireless has provided an "infrastructure" otherwise impossible. The same seems to be true in rural areas in the USA. White-Fi might just provide Internet access to those areas?
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    I wonder what the difference is in Super Wifi and the current outdoor wireless they have now on college campuses and some some city areas. I always wondered how they do outdoor wireless, other than satellite or cell networks, I mean. Is it just a matter of stringing a bunch of 802.11 routers together, tacked up to the sides of the buildings?

    Yes, it will be nice to see disadvantaged or marooned people get internet, however it will be nice for ME to thumb my nose at my cell phone's data charges too! Being logged on to wifi with my cell phone anywhere in the city would be sooooo nice.
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Microsoft Salutes the FCC Super Wi-Fi Approval
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