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Clearing Up 5 Windows 8 Confusions

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    Quote Originally Posted by fgdn17 View Post
    to have it's users who just want something to work have to figure out which driver...which version
    of java..which this and which that....
    With every version of Windows the driver "issue" becomes less of an issue, many drivers that have come out are unified drivers. This is also an advantage of Windows 8 and one of the reason Microsoft wants to use the same kernel across all platforms. A driver made for Windows 8 will work for Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 etc. As for jave, I don't recall that ever being an issue other than certain software that has been programmed to work with a certain version of java. It doesn't matter what desktop, laptop or server I am on I just go to the Java download page and click just works.

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    FG you loose me. I agree with KAT here.

    I do not want to wear a suit every day, want to wear what i want;

    Same with my OS, so Apple is not for me.

    I like Windows for what it is, no mather what you or others think or say.

    Like the fact that you can change/alter/add settings programs whatever.

    So no Linux either (i have a DVD with Linux on, never used it, never will).

    Already bought 4 licenses Windows 8 and will install this this week.

    Only my pc will have to wait since I will be upgrading hardware.

    To each is own I guess.

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    Yes, Robr, if only the metro could be resized, but i am sure a 3d party will arrange this.

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    You guys might have to get used to VLC player or XBMC, I have been trying to get Win 8 Media Ctr to stop pixelating for days. This is an example of where the user should not have to muck around searching for codecs or whatever just to play a simple avi file
    Win7 on the same machine plays perfectly.
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Clearing Up 5 Windows 8 Confusions
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