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Surface tablet hardware: When 32GB isnít actually 32GB

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    Surface tablet hardware: When 32GB isnít actually 32GB

    Demystifying Microsoftís Surface tablet hardware: When 32GB isnít actually 32GB

    As if sensing our trepidation at the lack of Surface tablet details, Microsoftís Surface team has conducted a Reddit Ask Me Almost Anything (AMAA). With just a week until its release on October 26, we finally have real-life data on battery life, screen resolution and quality, typing speed on the Touch Cover, and that all-important kickstand. Oh, we also found out that the 32GB Surface doesnít actually have 32GB of storage; more like 20GB

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    It is a 32GB drive, WinRT and RTOffice will take up about 12GB, leaving less space than other 32GB tablets on the market now.
    They solved the issue by having Micro SDXC card and USB ports.
    Just having these ports available is much more useful than having more onboard storage space, it's a no-brainer for me.
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    Sinofsky's reality distortion field is powerful, but sadly its extent decreases with the 100th power of distance.

    Sinofsky: Surface 'best tablet, best laptop' he's ever used ? The Register

    "[It's] starting at $499 for the 32GB version and we think that's a pretty darn good price," said Sinofsky." You know, it's twice the amount of storage as a competing tablet for the same price."
    "It's not just a tablet. It's actually the best tablet that I've ever used," he said. "It's also not just a laptop, but it's the best laptop that I've ever used as well."
    These are like playground boasts.
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    I wouldn't expect him to say anything else, he is the President of the Microsoft Windows and Windows Live Division.
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Surface tablet hardware: When 32GB isnít actually 32GB
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