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Don't hate Windows 8!

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    Don't hate Windows 8!

    Windows 8 takes a lot of getting used to, but it's the best OS made by Microsoft, and could be the best OS ever made by anyone...

    Windows 8 is really hard to get used to. Really, really hard.

    Don't get me wrong, even when when you're running through the install process, Windows 8 looks absolutely fabulous. Never before has so much elegance been wrought from such basic use of colour and typography. It's beautiful from the get-go.

    But when you get to the Start screen -- well, it's really that where it starts to fall apart for people.

    I started using Windows 8 full-time on March 1st 2012, just under eight months ago. Soon after starting I wrote a particularly harsh article about what I thought of it. Over the weeks and months that followed, I grew to really enjoy using Windows 8 and -- in all honesty -- regretted being quite so harsh.

    Read more at source:
    Don't hate Windows 8! | ZDNet

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    Thanks, Shawn. What a find!

    Lol! He's virtualizing 8 on his MacBook Pro! And then honestly confessing in coming to like it after using it a while! Also recanting his previous negative article! There is hope in this world for tech writers!
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    I don't!

    Never hated it for a minute, had some confusion as to why some things were there, but got over them. I find that some don't like it as the frustration level of not knowing what's going on definitely causes the grips people have. If you take that frustration away, do people have an appreciation for it? I think so. I've shown people how to use 8, and there hasn't been any level of frustration. There is more, "This is neat."
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    I don't think the start screen itself is bad or that the operating system itself is bad but it just could have been better or the changes could have been better. I like the minimalism in certain executions but not all. For example before on the zune they used the typography in a better way. There was a better sense of hierarchy. They used different weights and sizes. Here it's mostly the thin fonts with only the size really changing. Depending on the background sometimes it doesn't work. Such as the start screen the type for even the start is a bit too thin for a busier background. There are some parts where they do a good job and some parts where their execution was lacking. But this is true for any operating system. I doubt anyone hates windows 8. There are some necessary additions(touch/tablet based things) and some not so great changes/additions.
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    I don't hate 8... I hate the metro nonsense. Fortunately, I don't ever have to see it.
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    A truly ghastly "front end". Eventually, after finding the Classic Start Menu software and figuring out how to get rid of the Metro interface and making it look just like Windows 7, it is OK - even very good.

    Annoying though - I spent (actually I wasted) £14.99 on the Win7 to Win8 upgrade offer. If I could charge my time spent p***ing around trying to sort out this pig of an operating system - or rather pig of a front end of an operating system, it would come to hundreds of pounds.

    What a pity. Sadly it will kill Microsoft

    Phil Bee
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    Windows 8

    Microsoft's problem is that if you're trying to transition over to a world where the PC becomes an archaic irrelevancy you have to be bold. And Windows 8 is smack-bang in the middle of that transition. It's neither one thing nor the other for the specific reason that both Old Windows and New Windows are relevant today. Go back ten years, New Windows would be too futuristic and out of kilter with the hardware. Go forward ten years and hardly anyone will be using an OS that looks like Old Windows today. (Well, maybe 20 years.)

    It's that fact that we all have to make peace with when thinking about Windows 8. There isn't a better way of making Old Windows and New Windows work together. What Microsoft has come up with is the least-awful way of doing it.
    This guy has got it spot on and I don't know why it's so difficult for people to see this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    I don't hate 8... I hate the metro nonsense. Fortunately, I don't ever have to see it.
    I totally agree
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    Windows 8 has to grow on you, for sure. Once you get the idea it's not hard to navigate or use. Windows 8 doesn't do anything for me that I can't already do in Windows 7, but then I live in a traditional computing world, not one where I do my computing via lightweight mobile devices and small screens. I run my Windows 8 OS on a desktop or VM.

    Perhaps some years from now when everyone is running around with uber-smart phones and tablets and gadgets, Windows 7 and desktop/laptop PCs will seem archaic. Maybe then we'll look back at Windows 8 as a bold move on the part of MS: one that marked the beginning of the end of "traditional" ways of computing.

    Or, maybe even Microsoft will be a memory.
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    Well I've loved it since day one, I've got it on 4 computers replacing Windows 7. I think for the average user this the easiest Windows ever produced, the learning curve is minimal. I never close Apps down just go back to the start screen and start another app then go to the left side to reopen.
    Even control panel and device manager etc are easier to access. On a big screen TV Windows 8 is absolutely awesome, it seems tailor made for home entertainment. Me personally, I would never go back to Windows 7.
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Don't hate Windows 8!
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