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Surface Doomed To Come In Fourth Place At Best

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    I don't believe the vast majority of apple buyers are doing it for the status symbol, don't get me wrong, there are a good portion of people that do. I think people buy into apple mostly because compared to what else is out there, apple is better. The iphone is seen as MUCH better than android (android 3-4 bring an exception, but if you know that you don't have an iphone). The ipad is like a giant itouch and for some reason, some imbeciles think it's a perfect PC replacement. But as for the mac, I don't see that as better than Windows. Honestly, a Surface RT can do the job of what most people use it for. I don't deny that people that have macs use it for legitimate needs like Photoshop, but then again, a PC can do the job better for the money. Some people might buy into the mac thinking it is better, but that's a steep price to pay for a fallacy like that.

    I've meet a few iphone users that have told me that they know the iphone is really overrated, but it's better than an android. I would imagine given the choice, a Windows Phone 8 might actually be the catalyst to switch. It is definitely better than, and at the end of the day, isn't that what EVERYONE cares about? I also want to say about the mac prices, you can get a comparable ultrabook for those prices, a really decent tablet PC, or even a touch screen AIO PC for that money. I don't know many people with a mac, and I've yet to actually see someone I know consider buying a mac. Windows PCs are what people know. Unless if you're a hipster wannabe with more attitude than cash on hand, no one's stopping you.

    And about the Blackberry, I'm not a Blackberry fan and I know what's not going to be coming down the pipeline until early next year. I am a Windows Phone fan and can tell you what will, has, and is about to flood the town.

    Speaking of knowing what's going on, specifically the Surface, it's being advertised two weeks before launch and can only be bought online or in a Microsoft Store. What happens when someone who's been seeing these commercials of people clicking in and dancing go to their local amazon showroom (best buy) and ask for a Surface? Will they have to use a Windows tablet PC to order said tablet PC online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave76 View Post
    For the same price as the iPad, you get better specs, MS Office and USB port.
    Quad Core
    2GB RAM

    Dual core
    1GB RAM

    If MS came into this market with anything other than fourth place it would be shocking, this is their first slate/tablet.
    For me the price is high for any tablet, with the specs and in comparison with other devices, it is competitive and worth a look.
    Yes it looks good. Better specs it's a plus.

    I guess that if they concentrate some extra firepower (like good compatibility with pc/desktop programs) on the x86 surface it can gain reputation quickly.

    We all know that the x86 platform has a long history for pc's. It's been around for a long while and many programs are available. If most of those (even older) programs can run on the surface then it's settled for the first place (at least that's how I'll choose a tablet: what can it run?).
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    Let's see what uncle Tim Cook has to say in the next few days.

    He's doing great so far.
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Surface Doomed To Come In Fourth Place At Best
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