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Windows 8 is the new XP

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    What, no one could fine a new article depicting hatred for windows 8 so they dug up an old one to see if they could get something going again. . .

    It works every time.

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    I remember this being said back when XP came out - Many of my friends were loathe to install it, I was slightly. But I figured, since Windows 2000 was rock solid, and XP was based on it, then XP should be solid - And it was, and is. The actual span of time for this apprehension was short.

    ZDnet actually spent a longer time pounding Vista to bits, it lasted maybe a year and then 7 came out. ZDnet is specifically divided on Windows 8 - Ed Bott loves it, and he was the main Vista detractor. So I would say Windows 8 is the new Vista, but that is not quite true as far as ZDnet goes. There is one major 8 detractor and one major 8 supporter, Both guys I believe were agreed on the lameness of Vista.

    I wanted to be reminded of how bad Vista was - I had a machine that was a leftover, had a brand "new" version of Vista home basic. Only 512 Ram, Socket 775 Celeron. I updated the ram to 2 GB, and then installed the service packs. It STILL sucked.

    I updated it to Windows 7, which took about 6 hours - But once 7 was in there, BOOM< fast machine, even with celeron, and the score went from 2.0 to 3.0- But then again, is the scoring for Vista different than 7?

    I dunno, ZDnet may have hated XP at first, but they seem to have accepted it faster, they never did accept Vista.

    [edit]But you have to remember - XP was intended to be the "Last OS ever" and updates were to be handled in the way of Service packs and addins, In a way windows 7 was the continuation of XP, I've never had any program that ran well on XP refuse to run on Windows 7. Remember also, in 2006, summer even, Microsoft was greared to start releasing XP 64-bit onto new machines. Then something happened - The original CORE DUO, Remember? No ia64 support. So Vista was made to accommodate that processor. The original versions of Vista were all 32 bit for these cores. Then when ia64 support was added to the new core duos, Vista 64 bit was released.

    I remember seeing in stores, most of the Windows XP 32 bit OS's had been removed from the shelves and replaced with 64 bit.
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Windows 8 is the new XP
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