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Study says 1/2 as many companies plan to adopt Windows 8 compared to 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Our management came down and said last week that we aren't moving anybody to Windows 8 as we aren't licensed for it and we aren't going to pay for it as it doesn't provide enough benefits to cover the costs.
    So what are you going to do if users want a Surface tablet (and obviously can justify one for their work)? Will you downgrade all new PC's you buy? What about non-surface tablet/transformers? You going to force people to use Windows 7 on them?

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    In the event they wanted a surface tablet, obviously the cost of the operating system would be included with the new system. However, I don't see anybody making a solid business case for an RT tablet. We are a software company and we have web apps that run on Flash. We've bought and tried about every popular tablet (ipad, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Nexus, Chinese knockoffs), and the general consensus is that the devices are garbage for any real use. The 2 Nexus 7 tablets are actually back in the box and collecting dust in the drawer as nobody has a particular need for them.

    Same thing would be true of any new laptop purchased that came with Windows 8 pre-installed on it. If they were an IT person or savvy computer person and wanted to stay on Windows 8, we would likely leave them on it. However, for most other employees, we wouldn't want to deal with the training ramifications and the issues of any software imcompatibilities, and thus we would exercise downgrade rights to run Windows 7 instead. We've already seen issues within Microsoft Dynamics and IE10..which requires us to run IE in compatibility mode for our CRM to work properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by skallal View Post
    You see, if I had a true image restore, then I would been in the same mess I was in the first place, with some corrupted settings in the OS.
    Not necessarily. I take an image right after OS install, Windows Update, drivers and activation. Then I add it to the domain and a majority of the applications that I know that I will always use. Then I image again. So, right there I have a plain vanilla image and an image with apps.
    I also create a "blank" backup HDD image.
    Also, you could create an image before installing any new programs/updates.

    Macrium images my HDD partitions at ~3 GB/minute.
    With "smart imaging" on, it only images the used sectors.

    On my PC, it takes ~7 minutes to create an image and about the same time to restore one.
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Study says 1/2 as many companies plan to adopt Windows 8 compared to 7
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