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The Next Twenty Years

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    The Next Twenty Years

    Why the closed distribution model of Windows 8 must be changed for the sake of developers, consumers, and Microsoft itself.

    For the first time in the history of the PC, Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows ecosystem for which they will be the sole software distributor. If you buy Windows 8, the only place you will be able to download software that integrates with its new user interface will be the official Windows Store. Microsoft will have complete control over what software will be allowed there.

    Microsoft has stated that applications for the older desktop interface will remain unaffected by these policies. As long as they only use applications that run on the old desktop, users will still be able to buy, sell, develop, and distribute software without interference from Microsoft. Many Windows users have taken this as an assurance that the open distribution model that they enjoy today will still be available in future versions of Windows, and as a result, there has been far less public concern about Windows 8 than there might have otherwise been.

    But how realistic is the assumption that the Windows desktop will still be a usable computing platform in the future? And what would be the consequences were it to disappear, leaving Windows users with only the closed software ecosystem introduced in Windows 8? To answer these questions, this volume of Critical Detail examines the immediate and future effects of Microsoft’s current certification requirements, explores in depth what history predicts for the lifespan of the classic Windows desktop, and takes a pragmatic look at whether an open or closed ecosystem would be better for Microsoft as a company.

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    Yes, exactly.

    Not content with locking down the o/s, they are trying to control what you are allowed to run on it.

    I will make my own choices, thank you.
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    This made me think about society. What a violent nation we live in. Twenty years ago, we were playing games like Batman fighting criminals, boxing, Mario, evading space aliens, saving people from terrorists, and just playing purely innocent type of games. Now, favorite games involve graphically detailed stabbing, punching, shooting, assassinating, and just blowing everything up. It's at the point where games are just generic shooter games with little to no stock to them.

    This also made me think that Windows 8 will do great like Windows 3 did. Windows 3 had a new UI but kept old DOS programs being allowed to run alongside it, much like Desktop and Metro apps. You have your old and new running alongside each other, an all-in-one OS.

    But I wonder, can an app be hosted on the Windows Store that is in fact another app store? So could Steam publish a metro app that opens an immersive, metro styled Steam game store?

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The Next Twenty Years
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