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Will 'normal' Windows users want a Start button for Windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymbal Man Freq View Post
    another YouTube video stated that M$ disabled the ability of 3rd party programs to enable a Start Menu.......
    My parents are definitely not going to be using Win 8. Now I have to decide whether my dad is going to die of old age before Win XP expires in April 2014, he still uses DOS 6.22!
    Ah, no, they haven't disabled it (yet). And I hope they don't.

    ....and I still use DOS 6.22 as well....I have an old
    Pentium 2 running DOS 6.22 and WfW 3.11/Office 4.5, just for
    the fun of it..

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    There was a hack you could use in W8 DP to restore the normal Windows setup (Start Menu and Desktop).
    It was so popular that MS had to disable it or almost no one would have used their new Metro App "cash cow" screen.

    AFAIK, that change had no effect on "Classic Shell" or other 3rd party Start Menu restorers.
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    I used Vistart but since it has a bug on me, I now use Classic Shell and I think, it must be a pain for MS's efforts to rid off the desktop in a few years.

    Third party codecs that are free will soon come with the DVD support package I think and I wouldn't be surprised if a hack emerges that gets you Windows Media Center from a Windows 7 machine or a Windows 7 installation disk to your Windows 8.

    I use Windows Media Center for live TV, viewing pictures and sometimes FM radio and I was frustrated when they took that off.

    I use RP and I don't know if anyone of you have noticed this but I could not see a way to create an adhoc network on my netbook which is another frustration for me. There is simply no option for that on the create new network thing under Network and Sharing Center. I tried typing adhoc in the search but nothing comes up. I did a Google search on that and it seems that a few others have noticed this on the RTM as well. But on me Desktop PC with the Developer's Preview installed, I attached a Wifi adapter and there was an option to make an adhoc network which turned out well on ICS with my netbook (running Windows 7 at that point now dual booted with W8 RP) on my first try but just had some trouble on my following tries. The shortcut to join a Bluetooth PAN also disappeared on the RP when it did exist on the DP as well. The Windows 7 part of my netbook can do adhoc and has the Bluetooth PAN shortcut. I just don't understand why those were taken off.
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    Yes, I want the Start Button. I've used Windows 8 for a week now. I see very little value in Metro. I much prefer the Start button. I know others feel/think differently. So why can't there be both? Just let users use whichever they prefer.
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    I find I am wasting a lot of time and action finding things. Example, "System Information shows up when you search for it one one unit but not on the other. Still haven't found it on the one unit. I used the search box on win7 a lot but it does not always find the program. It doesn't always show things correctly, example, type in system and system information doesn't always show up but if you delete down to sys it pops up.

    I think three options would be great -- either, or, or both.

    Yep, we will get used to the new but why not have some options :-P
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    Sounds good to me exscentric. I'm voting for you to take over Microsoft!
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    I deal with everything from enthusiasts to barely computer literate in the same division. Windows 8 would be no problem for users if it were deployed booting straight to the desktop and it had some sort of start button installed. We have to remember that users have been clicking that start button for 17 years now and some don't know any other way to accomplish tasks, and most don't want to learn any other way either. Once deployed you could always then do some training to introduce the new start menu and Metro apps as an added feature. There is no way i would want to deal with the backlash deploying 8 as it comes configured out of the box and Microsoft should be slapped hard for not allowing that sort of deployment. It is going to happen anyway from the hardware partners. You think any system builder is going to send 8 out to the mass public without a start button?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefferydray View Post
    Sounds good to me exscentric. I'm voting for you to take over Microsoft!
    Yikes, please no I don't want millions of people after me :-)
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    Install a "Dock." As to the question posed by the OP, yes I like the "Start Screen."
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    If you right click the start screen icon you get a plethora of options. A true "power user" is not stuck in a paradime and can adapt to the ever changing world we live in.
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Will 'normal' Windows users want a Start button for Windows 8?
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